Saturday, August 20, 2016

Equality California's Desperate Desperation: Save Secular Bigotry!

Equality California is the most aggressive pro-homosexual lobbyist special interest group in the state of California.

A number of private firms and businesses donate to this group.

Big Business and Big Labor put big money into the Big Gay Hate Machine in California.

Why not spend this money on fixing our roads, our schools, and solving the looming pension crisis devouring our state?

Their desperate push with SB 1146 is falling apart faster than a plane devoured by termites.

It's going down fast!

Federal privacy laws have gutted another key component of the law

The only part left is the forced publication reuirement and that too may end up defeating thi bill, since it is nothing like what Lara and homosexual militants had sought.

Then Equality California sent out this email, declaring their desperation openly!

There are few accomplishments which equal scaring the Left into full, humiliating retreat!

Equality California

Equality California
Dear EQCA Member,

Over the past 15 years, the California Legislature has passed some of the most LGBT-inclusive anti-discrimination laws in the world.

This term "inclusive" is very offensive, misleading, and just plain wrong.

The aggressive LGBT lobby is not inclusive, put aggressive,

Not impressive, but imposing.

Not truthful, but tyrannical.

But across California, there are areas where these laws don’t apply.

A number of religiously-oriented colleges and universities up and down the state have obtained waivers under the federal Title IX, which bans discrimination against LGBT people at academic institutions that receive government funding. These loopholes allow the schools to discriminate against students, faculty and staff because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. They allow these schools to fire and expel LGBT students, faculty and other employees simply because of who they love or who they are.

This paragraph is a total lie.

Title IX never covered marginal sexual behaviors or gender identity disorders.


Stop allowing these schools to deprive LGBT students of their educational opportunity! Contact your legislator today!

These schools do not have to provide anything to everyone.

The Christian colleges laid out clear and convincing standards about conduct and acculturation.

If students wish to live in same-sex relationships or adopt gender identities not in conformity with their biological traits, then they can enroll in other schools.

This undue burden is beyond unheard of, and very offensive.

Senate Bill (SB) 1146, by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) would require these religious institutions to disclose the fact that they have a license to discriminate against LGBT people to prospective and current students and their families, faculty and staff, and the public. The bill faces a floor vote next week in the California Assembly.

There is no license to discriminate! I cannot believe how misleading and offensive this email is!

The real discrimination lies with Lara and this Equality California fraud of a front group.

For the record, colleges discriminate all the time in their enrollment process. Students with higher test scores, grades, and a record of service are more likely to be selected to enroll in the college!

The bill is drawing fierce resistance from some of the same forces who backed Proposition 8. Opponents have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars campaigning across the state to allow these schools to continue their discrimination unchecked. They’re bombarding legislators with e-mails and phone calls to voice their opposition to the bill.

The Prop 8 card!

Give me a break. There are more forces at work fighting against LGBT hatred of Judeo-Christian values, sound sociological practices, and just plain biological realities.

Instead of waiting for this bad bill to become law, the pro-family forces up and down the state stepped in to stop it entirely!

We need your help to fight back! Contact your Assemblymember to let him/her know that you oppose discrimination against LGBT students and are in strong support of SB 1146.

Everyone of us needs to stop being afraid of this word "discrimination."

There is nothing wrong with discrimination based on choices and behaviors.

Nothing at all.

Together, we can shine a light on the students who have had their educations derailed because of who they are and make sure prospective students and their families can make informed decisions when they pursue higher education.

Antonio Villareal's education was derailed because he deceived William Jessup Univerity, enrolling as a straight student, when he was living with a male partner.

Then they got in a fight, and the police were called, and arrested Villarreal!

He was confronted over this relationship, which violated the college's code of conduct, already outlined in the student handbook.

Antonio refused to read it, and he received the just consequences.

He even admitted that if he had been "aware" of this code, he would not have enrolled there.

In Solidarity,

Rick Zbur
Executive Director, Equality California

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Equality California is the nation's largest statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization focused on creating a fair and just society.

What an irony. This group is actually creating a less just and fair tyranny dominated by irreligion.

Equality California |
202 W 1st St., Suite 3-0130,

Los Angeles, CA 90012

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