Monday, August 29, 2016

Pennsylvania: Returning to Trump?

An editor in Pennsylvania informed me of the following development:

I am in the part of Pennsylvania that resembles rural Alabama, an hour west of State College. We have more deer than people. It is definite Trump country here, solidly Republican. I am in a teeny minority, one of 160 registered Libertarians in Jefferson County; Dems have about 9,000 registreees, Republicans 16,000, all others 3,100 or so. You see some Trump signs, almost no Hillary signs, just one Gary Johnson sign (mine).

So there isn’t much fluctuation here. The few Democratic areas hate Trump. The many traditionally Republican areas hate Hillary. This election will be the most negative in my memory (I am 73). I’m willing to bet that more than half the votes cast hereabouts will be “neverTrump” votes, people holding their noses and voting for Hillary because Trump scares them, or “neverHillary” votes, people holding their noses and voting for Trump because they don’t trust Hillary.

It’s just hard to predict what will happen when people stand in front of those machines.

I’d love to be more specific, but it just boils down to “nobody knows.”

Pennsylvania is back in play.

Republican lawmakers are making a difference in Philadelphia.

Republican U.S. Senator Pat Toomey is a strong contender for his seat.

He won by 1% against an outsider Democratic House Rep.

The current challenger is far left, and out of touch.

This will be an interesting year in Pennsylvania politics.

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