Thursday, August 4, 2016

California MassResistance: Storming Ricardo Lara's Office

August 4th, 2016.

California MassResistance joined forced with We the People Rising to surprise State Senator Ricardo Lara's staff.

Some members of our team surprised Lara personally!

He was drinking a gourmet coffee down the street at one of the local coffee shops.

Here's a clip of their confrontation with Lara.

He was arrogant and diffident.

He did not care that his policies, which are turning California into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, has also contributed to the untimely deaths of many thousands of Americans.

Lara's determination to reward lawlessness and punish law-abiding citizens has put millions out of work, and is wreaking havoc in otherwise safe and prosperous communities.

Mike is also a member of California MassResistance

Here's the video of the confrontation.

In front of the state senator's office, about thirty people showed up.

Wes Parker

Most of the people there were constituents ready to give the state senator more than a piece of their minds!

Here are more protesters--constituents or Senator Ricardo Lara, whom he blew off on June 29th,

Nick Ioannidis of Huntington Park

Listen to the comments from this couple. They have been fighting with us since June.

Meet Milly, another constituents of the state senator:


Check out the members from California MassResistance:

Here is the first video of California MassResistance outside of Lara's office.

More people arrived to put the pressure on this corrupt state senator.

We had people from Upland, San Bernardino, Apple Valley, as well as Long Beach.

We were going to give the state reps more than a piece our minds.

Here is the next video.

Then we went inside.

I must admit that I was worried that the staff members would try to run away, just like last time.

I wanted to make sure that we caught Lara's staff off-guard and on record.

Before the entire team went into the office, I visited the room very briefly. One of the staffers even tried to prevent me from recording!

Here is the full video, where all of us blasted the state senator for pandering to illegal aliens while ignoring the needs of citizens!

Here is the section where they spoke out against SB 1146.

Here are more photos, where California MassResistance is unrelenting in their demands that the legislation be pulled:


Nick was not pleased with the state senator at all!

Betty Retama gave Lara's staff an earful and more!

These Long Beach were beyond exasperated. Why does the state legislature spend more time on these stupid--and dangerous--bills when they should be fixing major issues, like the crumbling roads, the declining economy, and the water problems facing the state:

Here are a few more photos of irate constituents demanding the end of Lara's anti-Christian discrimination:

After meeting at Lara's office:

The greater part of the California MassResistance team had to move onto other projects.

I was still able to work with We the People Rising, though.

For the rest of the evening, we decided to protest at a Chamber of Commerce Event where Lara was a keynote speaker.

It was not all fun and games for them when we got there, though!

I confronted another assemblyman at the event, Reggie Jones-Sawyer:

Reggie Jones-Sawyer

Here is my recording as I confronted Sawyer. He just ignored me the whole time, and even claimed that he had never heard of SB1146!

Sawyer just turns his back to us. Shame on him!

Then we assembled in front of the Chamber of Commerce event:

The Chamber of Commerce coordinators then contacted private security:

We tried to explain our reasons for being there, and defend our First Amendment rights to hold Ricardo Lara accountable for his perverse legislation hurting the state of California.

Still, the sheriffs told us that since we were not on the guest list for the event, we could not attend.

Then one of our team got a great idea. Why not pay for the admission to attend the dinner?

Here's the video of me offering to pay my way in ... and they still refused to let me in!

We final moved to the sidewalk, onto "public" property.

But we did not let that stop us!

One of the attendees at the event came out and told us that our protests and shouting were disrupting the meeting!

And Ricardo Lara had not shown up!

Final Reflection:

State Senator Ricardo Lara has been hounded by We the People Rising and also California MassResistance.

Nowadays, Lara does not announce his public events, because he knows that protesters will show up and give him well-deserves grief.

Once again, we have seen the state senator and his cronies discriminate against us.

He is terrified of our protests.

He is afraid of the ongoing pressure which we keep forcing upon him.

The work is not done. We need to remind him that the power is with the people, not with the people in power!

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