Monday, August 29, 2016

Rise Up, Body of Christ, Call Your Senator to Vote NO! on SB 1146

Pastor Frederick Price Jr. of the Crenshaw Christian Center just contacted me on Twitter about SB 1146:

I informed him that the fight is not over. But as of right now, the California State legislature has two more days to pass legislation.

 The deadline is August 31.

Now more than ever, everyone needs to press ahead and pressure their lawmakers, their state senators to reject SB 1146!

 This bill would be the first step of many from the radical Left and the destructive homosexual agenda to confine, limit, and ultimately eliminate Christian colleges—and Christianity—from public life.

Imagine the following:

1. Colleges forced to allow men into women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and dormitories

2. Pastors, preachers, and professors forced to silence themselves and teach pro-homosexual curricula

3. Christian colleges forced to accommodate homosexual activities, like “gay” weddings, gay 
adoptions, etc.

4. Christian colleges forced to close.

5. Men and women of conscience forced to silence their views or face termination from their jobs, fines, or even jail time?!

SB 1146 is the only beginning, and unless we show real strength and opposition, the intrusion of government tyranny will only get worse.

This bill is one more step on the radical LGBT agenda, based on falsehoods and not facts, based on lies and not truth.

The bill is still in play, but the deadline is fast approaching—August 31—for all bills get passed out of the California state legislature and to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.
Your phone calls are working! Your offices are making a difference, too. The bill has only two more days before it dies in this session.

1. Call these Democrats—all of them—this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Do not identify yourself or where you live.

Use this script or something like it: “I urge Senator …. To vote to stop SB 1146 from getting to the Senator Floor. I also urge Senator … to vote NO on SB 1146. This bill is an intrusion of the state into private institutions, and a violation of the First Amendment rights of all Californians.”

  • Benjamin Allen (D): (916) 651-4026
  • Jim Beall (D): (916) 651-4015
  • Marty Block (D): (916) 651-4039
  • Kevin de León (D): (916) 651-4024
  • Cathleen Galgiani (D): (916) 651-4005
  • Steven M. Glazer (D): (916) 651-4007
  • Isadore Hall, III (D): (916) 651-4035
  • Loni Hancock (D): (916) 651-4009
  • Ed Hernandez (D): (916) 651-4022
  • Robert M. Hertzberg (D): (916) 651-4018
  • Jerry Hill (D): (916) 651-4013
  • Ben Hueso (D): (916) 651-4040
  • Hannah-Beth Jackson (D): (916) 651-4019
  • Ricardo Lara (D): (916) 651-4033
  • Mark Leno (D): (916) 651-4011
  • Connie M. Leyva (D): (916) 651-4020
  • Carol Liu (D): (916) 651-4025
  • Mike McGuire (D): (916) 651-4002
  • Tony Mendoza (D): (916) 651-4032
  • Holly J. Mitchell (D): (916) 651-4030
  • Bill Monning (D): (916) 651-4017
  • Jim Nielsen (R): (916) 651-4004
  • Richard Pan (D): (916) 651-4006
  • Fran Pavley (D): (916) 651-4027
  • Richard D. Roth (D): (916) 651-4031
  • Bob Wieckowski (D): (916) 651-4010
  • Lois Wolk (D): (916) 651-4003

2. Call these Republicans -- without identifying yourself and no matter where you live -- this Tuesday and Wednesday.

In addition to the same script above, urge these Republicans to "Please SPEAK and FIGHT against SB 1146 on the Senate floor":

Anthony Cannella of Ceres, Merced, Salinas
(916) 651-4012

Andy Vidak of Fresno, Hanford, Bakersfield
(916) 651-4014

Jeff Stone of Murrieta, Indio
(916) 651-4028

Janet Nguyen of Garden Grove
(916) 651-4034

Jean Fuller of Bakersfield, Yucca Valley
(916) 651-4016

Tom Berryhill of Fresno, Oakdale, Jackson
(916) 651-4008

Patricia Bates of Laguna Hills, Encinitas
(916) 651-4036

Ted Gaines of El Dorado Hills,
(916) 651-4001

Bob Huff of Brea
(916) 651-4029

Jim Nielsen of Roseville, Yuba City, Chico
(916) 651-4004

John Moorlach of Costa Mesa
(916) 651-4037

Mike Morrell of Rancho Cucamonga
(916) 651-4023

Joel Anderson of El Cajon, San Marcos
(916) 651-4038

Every effort you take makes a difference, so keep up the pressure, and keep up the great work!


Arthur Schaper,
Director, California MassResistance

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