Wednesday, August 10, 2016

California MassResistance: Barbara Autry Confronts Majority Leader Ian Calderon

California MassResistance is continuing its full-court press against the bigoted, offensive, and tyrannical SB 1146.

Constituents of Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon came to his office to voice their staunch disapproval of the "Kill Christian Colleges" Bill.

Barbara Autry (right) with her daughter Sami (Left)

Here are Barbara Autry's remarks:

Samantha Marquez asked who we were and what organization we represent, we told her California Mass Resistance. She asked what we were about and I directed her to Facebook and/or google the coalition. I also gave her a paper with the CMR logo on it for reference.

I expressed my opposition to SB1146 stating it to be discriminative and targeting Christians and people of religious faiths. I mentioned the fiscal impact the bill would have if students were denied Pell Grants, Cal Grants, etc, which would force them to seek education elsewhere at secular universities which are already overcrowded and expensive. Also, noting that if colleges were sued due to discrimination lawsuits that the courts would be even more overcrowded and colleges would suffer and even close as a result of these lawsuits.

Another point is if Christian colleges cease to exist, where will I send my daughter to go to college? Our faith is engrained in our choices of schools, instructors, academics, leadership, campus life and a moral code that is consistent with our religious teachings. So what school shall I send her to? Secular? This is what I'm fighting to avoid. Other points made were the fact that SB1146 would allow for LGBT access to dorms, restrooms and force the hiring of secular staff who are foreign to our faith and what it teaches. What if a man feels like a woman one day and a male the next and tried to force himself on a female student in her dorm? This is not acceptable and the city and state is supposed to protect it's citizens not standby and do nothing and especially not invite such behavior on campuses. This too would cause students to sue if they were assaulted. More money gone. Students would sue the State of CA for not protecting them and their rights. Students would sue colleges and eventually there would be no Christian colleges to send our children to. We cannot home school through college, can we? Of course not.

There is a criteria for entering college (i.e. Harvard), if I fail to meet the criteria to enter that school should I enact a Senate Bill because I feel I am being discriminated against? No, that's not fair. Is it discrimination if Sam's Club refuses me entry because I don't have a membership there? No. This bill would force everyone to wear the same shoe. Gays, straights, Christians, Jews, Atheists, then it will filter down into the high schools and into the churches because it is designed to be a jumping off bill to further inflict religious persecution and more government control over it's citizens. Businesses are private entities and should be allowed to function without government interference.
In Ian Calderon's City of Industry Office

Arthur spoke on the issues of public shaming for non compliance and violators of the law. He also mentioned the discrimination that could take place down the road when a graduate is interviewed for a job and the school listed on their resume is on a state list of schools that were in opposition to SB1146 rules. The applicant might be viewed as indifferent and not hired because of it.

Samantha Marquez knew of the Title 9 changes that were made to the bill, however, she did not know about the remaining issues Arthur and I spoke of concerning co-ed dorms, restrooms, fiscal impacts, etc. Albert gave Samantha a flyer he had received in the mail concerning SB1146 sent out by a faith based organization. I mentioned that I have appointments with my church staff concerning the bill. She asked if we had contacted any other state representatives concerning this bill and I told her that we had met with Senator Tony Mendoza's District Representative, Jocelyn Yow, on Monday and I showed her a list of senate reps that I had called this morning. She mentioned that their phone has been ringing off the hook regarding this bill when I told her we were meeting with her in opposition to SB1146. I also left a letter directed to Ian Calderon expressing my opposition to the bill. She took down our information of name and what city we live in. Arthur provided her with his address, I did not, only my name, city and zip code.

The meeting was then concluded after lasting approximately 45 minutes. A photo was taken. Video was denied by Samantha stating CA law requires her permission and that she refused to be videotaped.

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