Sunday, August 28, 2016

David Hadley Voted No! on SB 1146: You'll Appreciate the Reason Why

Unlike the previous assemblymember, incumbent Assemblyman David Hadley is giving a frequent number of community coffees.

August 27 was a great morning.

Residents asked questions ranging form local issues and tax concerns to the ideological conflicts taking over the state legislature.

He spoke out about the Second Amendment, and explained why he voted for some gun bills but not for most of the others. He has remained a strong supporter of each person's right to keep and bear arms.

At first, I wondered why he had voted yes on one bill.

His explanation cleared up all the confusion.

I never realized how damaging Prop 47 was to the state of California.

Any theft for items worth less that $950 is treated as a misdemeanor, and the miscreant gets a ticket!

No bail, no jail, they walk free after trying to steal something.

These misdemeanor thefts including firearms worth less than $950.

Hadley voted for this legislation, but Governor Brown vetoed it!


For me, his best statements for came when he explained why he voted against SB 1146, the "Kill Christian Colleges" bill.

I really liked how David exposed that SB 1146 was not about ending discrimination, but rather about bullying the Christian colleges.

Grassroots efforts worked very hard to lobby and pressure every state representative to do the right thing on this bill.

I really appreciate that he stood his ground, despite the fact that the corrupt Democratic machine in California is going to throw everything they have at him and find any way they can to paint him as out of touch or extreme.

Thank you, Assemblyman, for protecting the First Amendment!

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  1. David Hadley is an excellent Assemblyman for the South Bay community AND for the entire state of California. I strongly support his re-election.