Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hillary's Trite Fight Song, and The End of the Gender Card‏

The Hillary Clinton nomination is a milestone, or should I wrote “millstone”.

Not that there is much to the flighty, ooey-gooey, namby-pamby liberal narrative.

Yeah, yeah the Democratic Party nominated their first woman to be their standard-bearer. The liberal media, the political machines, the corrupt Democratic National Committee all lined up their support behind this domestic despot. What is wrong with these people? She’s been under FBI investigation, she can’t handle emails, she can’t tell the truth, even when it doesn’t hurt her.

And she’s a disgrace to all pantsuit wearers everywhere.

And yet …

For the past eight years, the “people” (read those high-minded elitists who only care what Hollywood thinkgs), the political pundits, and the press corps have agitated for the first woman president.


She's an old bag.

She's corrupt.

She is thoroughly untrustworthy.

She is a trite treacle who can’t pretend to have fun, even with lots of balloons following down all around her.

For the regressive Democratic base—the socialists, the moochers, the Millenials on their sixth year toward earning a four-year degree, she reeks of everything that is wrong with Washington, with politics in general, and the state of this nation.

She is just wrong.

Whatever happened to the will of the voters, of the individual citizen?

Young activists who crowded around Sanders absolutely despise Hillary Clinton. They do not trust her, they do not like her.

So, we have the first major party female Presidential nominee.

Ho Hum.

She's a scumbag.

Reason Magazine released an epic take-down of the First Woman Nominee frenzy.
Bernie supporters are still clearly unimpressed that the Democratic Party wanted their nominee to have a vagina.

How about the re-appropriated (misappropriated) Fight Song? This petty little ditty celebrated the Clinton cash-in from Superdelegates and illegal backroom dealings from DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.


The song starts out with one singer saying: "Dumb, Dumb, Dum-Dum-Dumb."
Tres apropos.

Then the sickening Brittany Spears, wannabe American Idol caramel schmaltz splurges out.

These C-list actors (definitely not singers) ruined a great song promoting an ever greater fraud.

Check out some of the comments in the YoutTube comment section:

"Honestly I couldn't decide which was worse - Trump or Hillary. But it's clear that Trump supporters would never do something as cringey as this. Crooked Hillary is worse. Honestly I would have supported Bernie."

This comment brought some proper historical perspective:

"America take a bow, we're about to show the world that women are equal now".... You do realise that there have been TONNES of women heads of state, right? By far, America isn't the first to have a woman president/prime minister. America isn't breaking grounds on that front.”

Another truth bomb:

"I've never seen a group of people so firmly embrace a categorically false narrative."

How about this one:

"This prissy, f*ggy and fake optimistic Hollywood sh*t doesn't work anymore! People are sick of Obama's fakeness!"

Prescient. This comment should freak out Hillary fanatics, too:

"It's videos like these that are gonna make people vote for Trump in DROVES."

News flash—more people are voting for Donald Trump in droves.

The song sucks, not because of the music, but because of the musty, crusty establishment hag whose praises they are singing.

What planet are these illiberal weirdos living in?

This comment sums it up:

"All this song proves is that Clinton is the candidate of the bourgeoisie and Hollywood elitists. No wonder the working class supports Donald Trump."

Here’s a few more, just for Real America’s amusement:

Media Forcing down our throats more liberal bullsh*t.”


“This is so pretentious and awful. Look at all these rich famous people singing the most generic song possible.

The Trite, deeply unpopular "Fight Song"

This critic suggested a different line-up of singers:

They should have got more of Clinton’s friends on this song.
Like convicted child rapist Jeffrey Epstein.
Or the child rapist Hillary got free in 1975.
Damn, what is it with them and child rape?!

Clinton and Co. should have invited Gerry Studs. Or at least Mark Rich, the tax-dodging oil magnate who received a pardon after giving them “Clinton Cash”?

Hard-core leftists did not hold back their disdain for Hillary’s Trite Song, either:

“I definitely lean to the left politically, but this is total trash.”

Who says liberals have no taste?

Social media is trying to rescue Hillary’s sinking ship, though. But more people are catching on:

“Am I the only one who notices all the opposing comments that were here yesterday with hundreds of likes have been DELETED???


But there is good news.

Still, Hillary's stolen crown will free this country from the deadening effects of the gender card and identity politics all around.

A woman has achieved a milestone, which has turned into a tombstone. The identity politics of the 1970s, which corroded our political discourses from the 1980’s till now, is falling apart.

Get over it, liberal America. A woman won a high-class nomination, and no one wants her. They want character, not just XX chromosomes.

Liberal and conservative voters are no longer going to get excited just because a candidate checks off one box on the minority card. Democrats need to recognize that a black, brown (or gay) candidate is not going to matter, especially when their token treasure is all trash. For the Democrats, all the gender-ethnic-minority boxes have been checked off, and now they’re getting chucked out. Voters, even the most ardently statist and left-leaning, want someone who really believes what they run on, that they can believe in.

Not the color of their skin, but the content of the character, and the core of their message is what counts.

With that, let me leave you with my own spin on the DNC’s Trite Song:

Like a leaky boat on the ocean, Hillary’s going down.
Someone light a match, and watch an obsence explosion.
This is my fight song, Hilary’s not right song.
And I don’t really care if no one else believes

Because I’ve still got some self-respect in me.

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