Saturday, August 27, 2016

Daily Mail Article Makes Target Boycott Look Like Backward Bigotry

I read an article earlier this week about the Target Boycott in the Daily Mail.

The pro-transgender bias was so blatant, it would need its own bathroom:

Ever since Target sided with the LGBT community against the North Carolina bathroom law in April, the company's traffic has been down.

First of all there is no LGBT "Community", since a behavior or a set of mental disorders does not define a community.

Homosexual behavior is not an ethnic status.

But it sure sounds like the LGBT "community" are victims, misunderstood in this hostile, backward world.

Target's decision to take a stance on a social cause appears to be bad for business.

Shopper traffic has been declining for the first time in years, ever since the company issued a statement in April, saying transgender customers were free to use whichever bathroom they wanted at their store locations.

The statement was in response to a North Carolina bill that was signed into law in March, requiring students at state school to sue the bathrooms of their birth gender.

Sales are in decline.

Target chose to pander to 0.03% of the population, a category of individuals who struggle with gender dysphoria.

These individuals needs support and treatment, not accommodation and cheer-leading.

Target picked the wrong fight, thinking that the argument of "mere progressivism" would be enough.

It's one thing to be labeled intolerant.

It's uite something else when a friend, a family member, or a loved one is molested or abused in a public restroom.

There is no way to win a war by declaring a resolve to reject biology.

Overall this year, same-store transactions are down 7.2 per cent to $16.2billion.

As long as political correctness and arrogant social engineering takes precedent over providing goods and services, Target will suffer more crippling losses to their bottom line.

The impact of the boycott shouldn't come as a surprise for Target. When they announced the decision to let transgender customers use the bathroom of their identified sex, more than 1.4million people signed a pledge to stop the new policy.

It's unclear how long this downturn in traffic will last. 

The free market gives men and women the liberty to decide whether they will tolerate coerced social engingeering or not.

Target made a huge mistake thinking they could dismiss the "narrow-minded" views of their customers.

The culture wars are turning against the Left, and Target foolishly made itself a target.

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