Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Illogic of Hateful Amnesty Supporters: Alfredo Gama and "Carla" EXPLAINED

A few months ago, I exposed the deeply-rooted hatred of young pro-amnesty supporter Alfredo Gama, whose fierce aggression reflects the lack of understanding or respect for the rule of law and the integrity of every human being.

Today, I want to explain this virulent hatred.

Many young students, including individuals of Hispanic descent, are reading high school and college textbooks which preach a communistic political ideology, and a patent hatred for the United States.

One man was telling me that the materials are filled with excessively violent and sexually explicit material, often geared toward desensitizing learning minds from discerning the truth.

Young people are getting force-fed a lot of racist propaganda in local colleges.

Cal State Dominguez Hills spends much of its Native American curriculum talking about the wrongdoings of "The White Man."

These race-oriented historians should revisit the history of the Americas.

The Spaniards who arrived in the 1500s could never have to taken over the Aztec Empire on their own.

They didn't. The local tribes forced into Aztec tribute worked with the Spaniards. Let's never forget that the current totalitarian dictators in Meso America were sacrificing human beings to the Sun.

Alfred Gama


Without European intervention, there would be no Mexico, and no Mexican people.

Furthermore, for all this racist talk about the Reconquista. . .they need to reread the histories from the mid-1800s. As soon as the Mexican-American war broke out along the Southern border, Mexicans  were hoping that the United States would annex the entire country! They did not want to identify with the rampant corruption and lawlessness in their nation. The rule of law, the respect for individual liberties and limited government appeals to all people.

Fast forward 150 years later, and I do not believe that those Mexicans then would want any kind of Reconquista. Mexico lays no claims to any lands north of the Rio Grande. The territory was purchased legally, fair and square through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Many of the pro-amnesty haters are simply ignorant.

The lack of history, the racist commentaries, the political left-wing radicalism of left-wing professors and the teachers in local high schools have all perverted young people's understanding of the truth, and the great history of this country.

Hatred is born out of ignorance. For that reason, Alfreda Gama contended that borders and walls are un-American. He also called me an anchor baby. Really?! Yes he did.

He is wrong.

And then there was this confrontation from a young Razista named Carla at the January 19th, 2016 Huntington Park, CA City Council meeting. She kept shouting that white people have to stop hating. What is she talking about? She ignored Deann D'Lean, who is of Hispanic descent, along with Raul Rodriguez of America First Latinos. Here is another racist young person, who called me and others "white supremacists". Two Hispanic gentlemen confronted him on his comments.

A number of Hispanic-Americans attended that city council meeting and protest the majority for appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions. My outrage at their illegal actions has nothing to do with race. None at all.

Yet they continue to play the race card and the hate card. Why? That is all the know, for they operate out of hatred and racism themselves.

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