Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pineda the Planning Commissioner?

I had learned recently that Jhonny Pineda, one of the four corrupt city council members in Huntington Park, had served as a planning commissioner in the city before his election.

The City Clerk informed me of the following:

In regards to your Public Records Request received via email on January 7, 2016 regarding the below.
Because your inquiry does not request any document , the City has no responsibility to provide a responsive document. But what I did find out is that there was no appointment process at the time Mr. Pineda became a Planning Commissioner.  The process was that an applicant appeared before the Planning Commission, was interviewed and was voted by the Commission to either go before Council or not, and for Council to approve.  He was voted by the PC for Council approval, hence Council approved his seat on the PC.

Huntington Park had a different process for appointing people to commissions.

Those individuals would get a first vote and then a second vote up or down.

Now the process permits current city council members to appoint one person to each commission.

Jhonny-Pineda.jpg (500×300)
Jhonny Pineda
Interesting. . .

Who is sitting on the Huntington Park Planning Commission?

Planning CommissionGeneral Function: To recommend adoption, implement and periodically review and recommend revisions to the General Plan for the desired physical development of the City. The Planning Commission is the lead advisory body in the determination of what uses may be of property in the City and what form and shape the community will take in the future.  
 Member AppointedCouncil Member Term Expires
 Eduardo Carvajal (Chair)  06-18-15 Macias 03-31-17
 Angelica Montes  09-21-15 Macias 03-31-17
 Efren Martinez (Vice Chair) 06-18-15 Ortiz03-31-19
 Carlos Cordova  06-18-15 Pineda 03-31-19
 Marcos Osorio  06-18-15 Sanabria 03-31-19
The Puppet Master Efren Martinez is the current Vice Chair. Well, well, well.
Notice also that they were recently appointed, and Councilman Valentin Amezquita did not appoint anyone.
Why? The city council did not permit him to.
Well. Well. Well. (or not so well. . .)

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