Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CA Motor Voter Law Driving Away Democracy

I have been running away from this sad and disturbing problem.

Yet, the more that I try to think that it will not be an issue, the less secure I am.

The Motor-Voter bill now made law, contains some very disturbing elements within it.

In fact, the whole concept becomes more disturbing the more that I read about it.

Already, the state of California passed a law which permits illegal aliens to obtain drivers' licenses. This policy is as perverse as they come. Our streets are less safe, and now they are clogged with more cars, and insurance premiums have risen.

Then comes along Senator Ricardo Lara' Motor Voter bill.

This legislation will automatically register people to vote when they apply for a license.

Notice that I wrote "Apply."

The sheer stupidity of this legislation astounds me.

How come no Republicans in Sacramento acted to shut down this bill?

Why hasn't the Republican leadership in the state of California or throughout the country done something -- anything -- to protest this terrible law.

A friend of mine, Janet West, showed me key portions of the final, revised bill. The mistakes are confusing turns of the legislation making the whole package more suspect.

Consider this portion of the law:

 (a) Except as provided in Chapter 4.5, a person shall not be registered as a voter except by affidavit of registration. The affidavit shall be mailed or delivered to the county elections official and shall set forth all of the facts required to be shown by this chapter. A properly executed registration shall be deemed effective upon receipt of the affidavit by the county elections official if received on or before the 15th day prior to an election to be held in the registrant’s precinct. A properly executed registration shall also be deemed effective upon receipt of the affidavit by the county elections official if any of the following apply:
(1) The affidavit is postmarked on or before the 15th day prior to the election and received by mail by the county elections official.
(2) The affidavit is submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles or accepted by any other public agency designated as a voter registration agency pursuant to the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (52 U.S.C. 20501 et seq.) on or before the 15th day prior to the election.
(3) The affidavit is delivered to the county elections official by means other than those described in paragraph (1) and (2) on or before the 15th day prior to the election.
(4) The affidavit is submitted electronically on the Internet Web site of the Secretary of State pursuant to Section 2196 on or before the 15th day prior to the election.
(b) For purposes of verifying a signature on a recall, initiative, or referendum petition or a signature on a nomination paper or any other election petition or election paper, a properly executed affidavit of registration shall be deemed effective for verification purposes if both of the following conditions are satisfied:
In this passage, section (4) goes right to (b). What happened to section (a)?
Consider also this passage in the legislation:
 (a) The Department of Motor Vehicles, in consultation with the Secretary of State, shall establish a schedule and method for the department to electronically provide to the Secretary of State the records specified in this section.
(b) (1) The department shall provide to the Secretary of State, in a manner and method to be determined by the department in consultation with the Secretary of State, the following information associated with each person who submits an application for a driver’s license or identification card pursuant to Section 12800, 12815, or 13000 of the Vehicle Code, or who notifies the department of a change of address pursuant to Section 14600 of the Vehicle Code:
(A) Name.
. . .
(K) A notation that the applicant has attested that he or she meets all voter eligibility requirements, including United States citizenship, specified in Section 2101.
(L) Other information specified in regulations implementing this chapter.
(2) (A) The department may provide the records described in paragraph (1) to the Secretary of State before the Secretary of State certifies that all of the conditions set forth in subdivision (e) of this section have been satisfied. Records provided pursuant to this paragraph shall only be used for the purposes of outreach and education to eligible voters conducted by the Secretary of State.
The series tapers off down the alphabet, and yet from (L) it becomes (2) (A). What happened to section (1)?
Motor Voter Law (KRCA)
The whole bill looks hastily written.
I have to ask: did the state legislature really think that people would not notice the stupidity of AB 1461?
What is the point of automatically registering people to vote while they are applying? Application does not certify citizenship, and only citizens can (or should) be voting.
And even if these individuals are registered to vote, what process is in place to determine whether they are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc.?
This Motor Voter Law is bad legislation, and will lead to terrible outcomes.
Why? Consider this recent amendment to the legislation before the bill was passed:
 If a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote pursuant to this chapter and votes or attempts to vote in an election held after the effective date of the person’s registration, that person shall be presumed to have acted with official authorization and shall not be guilty of fraudulently voting or attempting to vote pursuant to Section 18560, unless that person willfully votes or attempts to vote knowing that he or she is not entitled to vote.
This provision was added one week before the bill passed out of the legislature. Why would Senator Ricardo Lara or his legislative team, colleagues, etc, place this statute into this bill? They understand that illegal aliens, or otherwise ineligible individuals, will vote. Even if they are not supposed to vote, if they "mistakenly vote", they will not be prosecuted for it,
Even worse, this legislation gives a presumption of innocence for every "mistaken voter". How is it possible to prove that those bad votes were done with criminal intent in the first place?!
This possibility of massive voter fraud is turning into a likely probability in the state of California. There are no safeguards to ensure that the license application will prevent illegals from also becoming registered voters. 
I have heard reports from concerned citizens which affirm that voter fraud has taken place in California. This automatic registration law will ensure more opportunities for fraud and allow individuals to slip into the voter registration rolls without any trouble.
Republicans throughout the state must do something to stop this wholesome perversion of representative democracy, or we will see our rule of law, our government, and our culture driven off a cliff.

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  1. California already has some of the highest tax rates in the nation and allowing poor illegal aliens to not only get a driver;s license but to automatically register to vote while doing so seems like a flagrant violation of the law. What were the legislators in Sacramento thinking when they approved all of this? Wealthy people with any sense are already fleeing the state for lower tax states leaving mostly the poor. There are only so many wealthy Californians left to tax to take care of all the illegals and poor. California, led by that incompetent governor and other socialists, are taking California down.