Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thoughts on Obama's Last SOTU

President Obama gave his last State of the Union address (Thank God!)

His statements were so rambling and petty, and the same old "Everything is Fine" fraud was too much to put up with.

After five minutes, I turned off the TV and focused on something else. Watching Spanish soap operas or reruns of the Simpsons would be more engaging and fun.

The President truly lives in Fantasy Land. He is more divorced from reality than any modern leaders I know of. And the press continuously claimed that George W. Bush had a tin ear on everything.

Check out what the Republicans had to say about the Final SOTU:

Donald Trump:
I did not bother to watch. I wish Trump had said to the President: "You're fired!"

Jeb Bush had something noteworthy to report:

Jeb Bush:
Obama's legacy will always be behind, just like Jeb.

Ted Cruz:
Yes, Yes, Yes!

Marco Rubio:

Safety is important to people. Most liberals will vote for a  Republican President because they want a strong commander-in-chief. Democratic Presidents have routinely failed at commandeering a strong image abroad against global threats.

Carly Fiorina:
Yes, Carly, there is a difference.

Hillary Clinton:
What progress? The magic word works its way into every Democratic talking point. "I'm a progressive ... who gets things done!" Yes, like hiding criminal activities and covering up for an abusive, sexually predatory husband.

Bernie Sanders:

My thoughts? The hope and change I am looking for starts now, with January 21, 2017 setting a sea change for the better.

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