Thursday, January 14, 2016

Torrance Refinery Investigation: January 13th, 2016

I predicted a slanted audience at this event.

The Torrance Democratic Club created another "non-partisan" coalition to fight against ExxonMobil and all businesses everywhere that spend a little hydrocarbon while turning a profit.

But I digress.

Before the meeting started, all the major network news vans swarmed around Torrance City Hall. Mayor Pat Furey stood with Congressman Ted Lieu explaining the dire situation which could have resulted following the explosion.

After the press conference, I shouted out to Congressman Lieu about the ulterior motive of the TRAA and the wider spread angst about ExxonMobil: "Is is true that they want to shut down the refinery?"

A large number of ExxonMobil employees attended the meeting, along with a representative from the Torrance Chamber of Commerce and the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance.

A diverse array of information hit the audience hard. With a friend of mine from We the People Rising, Janet West of Long Beach, we decided to eat dinner then return to Torrance City Hall.

One of the member of the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance, Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow, lectured me to "be appropriate". I had one sign bearing "Ted Lieu MIA". The First Amendment is always appropriate.  Modern Democrats have become increasingly hostile to the First Amendment and freedom of expression.

My friend Janet called him out on his condescension. He then walked away when I asked him: "How is a sign inappropriate? Is the First Amendment inappropriate?"

Nick Green (center)

I also noticed Nick Green, the reporter from the Daily Breeze, who also attended. As soon as I started taking pictures of him, he ran into City Hall. Inside,, he stood off and watched the proceedings. Members of the audience faulted his reporting, claiming that he was a major Leftist. I noticed Mayor Pat Furey laughing and enjoying the repeated attacks against the reporter.

Nick has a distinct left-wing edge in his writing. Many people find him offensive or difficult to deal with. Others have found him to be an even reporter he simply accounts events and outcomes not in the best political interests of certain players in the South Bay. A newspaper is not supposed to be propaganda for any government official, but rather report the truth.

If Green wanted to give an accurate report of the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance, he would point out their disturbingly close alliance with the Torrance Democratic Club and Congressman Ted Lieu. Why did this group get key access and publicity at the press conference? What about the homeowners associations in the city?

When Janet and I returned to the meeting, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board began taking in public comment. Joe Galliani  -- 350 Joe -- compared ExxonMobil to a "mafia don" for refusing to comply with federal subpoenas."

Some members of the audience shared ongoing concerns about another explosion and the acid cloud which could follow and cause great harm.

Janet shared concerned about illegal immigration, and the possibilities of a terrorist attack against the refinery.

When I addressed the board, I slammed the shameful remarks of climate alarmists, including the members of the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance. Their fearful rhetoric, absent connections to the truth, are very offensive. The TRAA does not speak for many residents. The members are a bunch of leftists and political agitators. I could not help myself but shout: "There is a radius of stupidity around the TRAA."

The audience cheered when they heard those remarks.

Mayor Pat Furey and Kurt Weideman have sparred with these Big Green bullies.

I agree that investigations matter, and no one should allow a major company, no matter how vital to the community, to get away with fault business practices. At the same time, members of the city of Torrance should recognize that the TRAA is a political front out for more than just "community safety." Congresswoman Maxine Waters' representative at the meeting hinted that ExxonMobil must be shut down if it cannot operate safely.

Well. Indeed.

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