Friday, January 15, 2016

Bernie Outspending and Overtaking Hillary

US Senator Ted Cruz signed onto Hillary Clinton's campaign listserv. He gets the inside updates.

Why shouldn't the rest of us.

Here is another recent eblast, this time from a "Paid Media Director".

Is this the same brain which promised to make the former Secretary of State look and act spontaneous?

Friend --

I run paid advertising for the campaign, so it’s my job to figure out how we compete with Bernie Sanders on the airwaves. Right now, he’s outspending us on TV, which means that he’s making his case to more voters right as they’re starting to pay attention to this race -- and this morning he released his first negative ad attacking Hillary, even though Bernie’s often said he never has and never would run a negative ad in his career.

He's paid, people. That means we must take him seriously. Very seriously.

Bernie overtaking Hillary

Notice how he informed readers that "Weekend at Bernie" Sanders is outspending the Clinton camp in Iowa. Sanders is ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire (New England liberals stick with their own), and reports suggest that Sanders is pushing out Clinton in the Palmetto State, too..

Ouch! Poor Hillary! She is going down faster this year than she was in 2016!

Well, he’s running one now. And we need to do something about it.

Yes, Hillary fans! You must hurry or you will not be able to elect the first Woman President? (Unless of course you recognize that Barack Obama was never much of a man to begin with)

It’s no coincidence that the polls are getting tighter just as his ad spending goes up. We need to close the gap to make sure Iowa and New Hampshire voters know the truth about Hillary.

The voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and all across already know the truth about Hillary. That's why she is polling so terribly!

Can you chip in $1 right now to stand with Hillary? We’re counting on grassroots donors like you to bring this home:

Donate $1

Grassroots donors have drifted to Bernie Sanders. His fundraising haul has been impressive, and conservatives can learn from the key mechanics of this kind of fundraising. Asking for $1 more likely ensures money coming in, and perhaps more in the future.



Oren Shur
Paid Media Director

Hillary for America

Hillary for Prison has a better ring to it.

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