Friday, January 15, 2016

Hadley's Impressive Campaign Haul.


I received an eblast from the Mike Antonovich for State Senate campaign.

His team boasted about an incredible fundraising operation topping $250,000.

I am a big fan of Mayor and Supervisor Antonovich. I wish him more than the best.

The labor unions in the state of California will spend millions to stop this elder statements from winning a state senate seat.

In Assembly District 62 (El Segundo, West Athens), incumbent Autumn Burke has raised $420,000, an expected number for a liberal politico depending on funds from Big Labor.

Then I learned about Assemblyman David Hadley's latest fundraising numbers:

David Hadley's Campaign Reports 

$673,163 Cash-on-Hand 

with $869,838 Raised In 2015 

Mike Antonovich is a decades-long institution. People know him by name, by just looking at his picture throughout the region. There are buildings named after this man. His long years of service have certainly netted him a number of strong contacts.

Hadley was a private businessman, relatively stable, not very active in local or state politics until recently. He never held elected office, although he wrote a number of guest columns for the Daily Breeze during his tenure as the President of the Beach Cities Republicans.
Assemblyman David Hadley

No one would consider his political influence expansive or incredible.

And yet--consider his impressive, beyond impressive fundraising numbers, more than Antonovich. No doubt David does not take the credit for this incredible warchest. 
The South Bay One Hundred granted the Freshman legislator not just a strong base of support, but a reliable revenue stream free from the meddling or lack of influence from the state party. The South Bay Three Hundred has exceeded expectations, with 246 members donation time, resources, and campaign cash to keep the 66th Assembly District in the hands of the South Bay, rather than the clutches of special interest leering and luring in Sacramento.

The conservatives, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats fed up with their party--which left them as soon as Barack Obama became President--all have helped to ensure that Freshman David enjoys a strong sophomore term in the state assembly after 2016. This is what liberty looks like. This is what true campaign looks like. This is what the Framers intended from our local and federal politics.

Not the special interests, not Big Business, Big Labor, or Big Government, but the Little Guys, We the People decide who gets elected.

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