Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ricardo Lara: Anti-Immigrant Racist

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Huntington Park) pretends to care about immigrants.

However, Lara does not know the difference between legal residents and illegal aliens.

Immigrant at its core implies respect, honor, and a distinct recognition of the the rule of law.

Men and women do not flee their home countries for any arbitrary reason.

Lara exploits individuals who live in the country legally. If he could tell the difference between immigrants and illegal aliens, he would stop enabling rampant lawlessness in his senate district.

He does not care about immigrants. He does not care about the rule of law. He takes from those who work and makes more people who depend on someone else.

Where is the liberty in that? Where is the truth or justice in taking away from people the dignity of legal status and work?

I will also submit to you that Ricardo Lara not only does not care about immigrants -- he has done nothing for Nick the Greek, who established "Immigrants Day" as a public law -- he is racist

He does not care about Hispanics.  He certainly has no respect for Hispanic culture.

His latest article shamed Hispanic residents in his district and throughout the country, because the two major Spanish language television networks did not cover President Barack Obama's final State of the Union.

Media Matters for America reports:

All of the major broadcast and cable networks in the U.S. suspended their programming on January 12 to air President Obama's last State of the Union address. All except UnivisiĆ³n and Telemundo, which instead aired their regularly scheduled telenovelas.

Let's acknowledge the truth: the novelas are more entertaining and accurate. The fictions flowing out of Obama's mouth put most Americans to sleep, and many more simply turned off their TVs.

No one listens to Obama. No one respects him. He is a legend in his own mind and ears, yet for all his talk, the world is less safe, prosperous, or concordant.

State Senator Ricardo Lara

Nevertheless, Lara shamed the Hispanic television networks:

It is very disappointing that neither Telemundo nor Univision aired the President's State of the Union address on live TV. Are Novelas, which perpetuate sexism, racism, homophobia and classism, more important than the civic engagement and education of our community? This is a blatant missed opportunity and disservice to Latinos during such a crucial presidential election year. This is simply unacceptable and I call on the executives at all major Spanish-language broadcast outlets to do the community a service and carry this important address in years to come!

I am actually more disappointed that the major networks spent any airtime letting Obama flap his gums and fill the air with so much noise. More stations should have tuned out a long time ago.

Furthermore, Hispanic residents--and Americans of all backgrounds, I have heard--like watching the novelas. If any is perpetuating the divisive political hatred in our country, consider Senator Lara, and his terrible legislation which makes more people dependent on the government rather than alive and thriving with their friends and families. How about President Obama, the Divider in Chief who shames and mocks everyone who does not agree with his narrow, rigid, and inflammatory ideology?

Lara has routinely violated the rights of American citizens. He forced out members of conservative activist group We the People Rising. He pushed one of the members out of another public event. His laws and illiberal, regressive activism have rendered the state of California less safe and prosperous. 

While he claims to care about young people,  one has to wonder why Lara insists on destroying biological knowledge of male and female. His disregard for the United States of American, both its history and its culture, expose an alarming disgust. If he hates this country so much and demands to transform it, he should resign from the state senate and leave the country.

His anti-American behavior further expose his disgraceful mistreatment of immigrants. So many people think that the United States is such a wonderful country, they strive to come here. Are they all wrong? Once again, Lara is the racist, Lara is anti-immigrant, and the sooner he leaves office and never darkens a state legislature or city council ever again.

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