Friday, January 1, 2016

Korrupt Kammy Rides Black Celebrity Coattails

Kamala Harris continues spending money she does not have to hold onto a race which she and her coterie considered would be a slam dunk.

Like many optimistic conservatives, I believe that 2016 will mirror the Democratic waves of 2008. Democrats are now tired of their party, which has veered so far to the left, attacking Main Street and boosting Wall Street and K Street at the expense of everyone else. Middle income families are struggling to get by, and are buying less than they used to.

The older black woman who chided Obama in 2012 is looking more prominent and prevalent than every before: "Are we going to have to go back to beans and wieners again? I am so tired of having to defend you. I am so tired" this woman lamented during the second debate of 2012.

The American People are tired, and they want something different. The hope and change which they had voted for in 2008 turned out to be disappointed, fantasy, and fraud all wrapped up in one.

Korrupt Kammy is inheriting this disillusioned electorate. If some reports are accurate, even in California, where gun-rack, Reagan Democrats still exist, just with darker skin, Kammy is facing the uphill battle which she had thought would never stifle her.

In the last days of the the fourth quarter, the Harris campaign released two eblasts from two black celebrities. What? Her star power as the first black, female, biracial Attorney General was not enough to generate notoriety and respect?

No, it wasn't.

The first eblast this week came from US Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey).

Booker won a special election by nine points in two-to-one Democratic Garden State, the same year Governor Chris Christie was seeking reelection. With political savvy yet unethical selfishness, Christie appointed a special election to replaced the deceased Frank Lautenberg for October to diminish the voter turn-out one month later.

Booker was the favorite going in, and incumbent Christie, looking to make nice with all the Democratic power brokers in the state, did not campaign much for GOP challenger Steve Lonegan.

Booker is not a historic win necessarily, but at this time he is the only Democratic African-American US Senator in the upper chamber. The Republican Party can boast, from the end of the Civil War to the present day, all the firsts when it comes to minority figures elected to  the US Senate.

Back to Kammy and Cory.  . .

In the latest eblast, the US Senator wrote:


As if!

In politics, there are those who talk and those who do. We need more doers. We need someone committed to putting in the legwork, finding smart, targeted solutions to this nation’s problems. We need someone who can come to Washington and really shake things up.

Harris is doing a lot of damage, that is certain. She is a corporate crony cozying up to labor unions and major Democratic special interests.

We need Kamala Harris in the Senate.

No we do not.

Kamala has a big race ahead of her. In order to succeed, her campaign has to be as big and diverse as California itself. And she can’t do it without a lot of support from all of us.

She has no diversity of thought, or a record of accomplishment worth respecting or augmenting. She just happens to be one more statewide progressive jumping into a federal office.

Help bring Kamala one step closer to the Senate by giving $5 or more right now. She’s trying to reach $60,000 by December 31st and she only has $2,815 to go.

Hillary Clinton just raised $100,000,000, and yet she still struggles with an integrity and image problem. Millenials who don't follow politics find her dishonest. Hispanics found her "abuela" campaign petty, offensive, and stupid. By the looks of the latest polls in New Hampshire, she will face a long and winding primary fight with dead-weight "Weekend at" Bernie Sanders. All of that money will go up in smoke trying to stop an octogenarian with a double-talk record of corporate war-mongering and gun-racking.

Kamala’s record of working for the people speaks for itself. She relentlessly worked to combat truancy, protect communities from gun violence, and reduce recidivism. She made communities safer by taking a smart approach to crime and addressing its causes -- not just the symptoms.

Crime rates are rising in California, and not just counting the mounting number of illegal aliens.

As attorney general, Kamala fought to break up transnational gangs, protect homeowners, decrease cyber exploitation, and ensure marriage equality for all Californians. Kamala’s fierce advocacy is exactly what we need in the Senate, and I look forward to working with her.

Her "ensuring" marriage equality was her feckless and immoral laziness. She refused to challenge the unfounded lawsuits leveled against Proposition Eight, an initiative which defined marriage between one man and one woman in the state constitution, an initiative which a diverse number of Californians supported, from all colors, creeds, and ethnic backgrounds.

Does Harris really think that she knows better than the majority of Californians? She took an oath to uphold and defend the state and federal constitutions, but did nothing when numerous lawsuits attacked not only a popular vote, but a natural institution in place longer than recorded history.

This is Kamala’s last fundraising goal of the year, and she needs your help. Give what you can right now and make sure she hits it.

Thank you,

Cory Booker
Jamie Foxx: #MakeItRain for Kammy!

Strangely enough, Booker forgets to mention that he is a US Senator.
The next eblast came from Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx:


You and I have a lot in common.

How's that?

We want a Senator who’s going to stand up for all of us. One who’s got experience fighting for safer communities, a healthier environment, and more opportunities for every hardworking family.

I don't want Korrupt Kammy anywhere near the US Senate.

And that’s my friend, Kamala. I've been supporting her for years – ever since she was San Francisco District Attorney, running for Attorney General of California.

As the San Francisco District Attorney, she allowed illegal aliens to roam loose in the City and commit more crimes. How does this track record bode well for her running for US Senate? Is she going to depend on all the illegal aliens stuffing the ballot box in her favor on Election Day?

I joined Team Kamala early on because I knew then what I still know to this day. She's smart, has integrity, and is committed to making Californians' lives better.

You joined her campaign because she is black. Nothing more.

By the end of today, I want us to have one more thing in common. Join me in making a donation to Kamala's campaign.

If we're serious about having a Senator who's going to fight for us, we’ve got to reach into our pockets and make it rain for this campaign! Give $5 or whatever you can today.

#MakeItRain? How about #MakeKammyGoAway?

I have another one: #WeAreBetterThanThis

California residents who care about their state and their future know that we can do better than Kammy  in the White House. Even someone blind (like Ray Charles) can see that Kammy is just no good. She should pack her things and go!

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