Sunday, January 17, 2016

LA City Councilman Gil Cedillo Attacks the First Amendment

LA City Councilman Gil Cedillo is knee-deep in the corruption and mismanagement in LA politics.

Now he wants to silence criticism against the government.

Sergio Infanson, one of Cedillo's staffers, who called Huntington Park a "Brown Town" -- shared the following post and comment on his Facebook Page:

Today, Councilmember Gilbert Cedillo introduced a motion, calling for an end to hate speech and racist rhetoric by all presidential candidates and asked the City of Los Angeles to divest from Donald Trump, The Trump Organization, and any affiliated entities — with Felipe EscobarMario BeltranEric CarboneNorma DuarteGilbert Cedillo and Laura Veronica.

Cedillo is connected to Jhonny Pineda. He helped swear him in earlier last year.

The East LA politician wants to run for mayor some day. Maybe he will challenge Eric Garcetti. . .

Now he wants to take away our freedom of speech?

This man has got to go. Conservatives of California, it is time to take back Los Angeles. Politicians, statesmen, activists of all stripes and ideologies, can say whatever they want to. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct, essential in a free society. We cannot allow anyone in power to decide what constitutes hate speech, and therefore allow our governments to diminish or silence us.

"I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it." -- Voltaire.

By the way, it is a federal crime to attack the rights of individuals and try to suspend them. Isadore Hall is already in trouble for trying to divest funding and investments from Trump (and I am writing this, even though I am not a Trump supporter).

When can we arrest Cedillo, along with the Huntington Park Rogues and Los Cuatro Corruptos de Cudahy?

How about divesting the Democratic Party in Los Angeles of all their ill-gotten campaign cash, too?

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