Friday, January 29, 2016

Where Does "Cudahy Chris" Garcia WORK?

Cudahy Chris Garcia likes to bully people who do not agree with him.

He attacks members of the audience from the city council dias when they oppose his decisions.

If you do not get along with his illiberal, fascist agenda, he will do just about anything to ruin you and make your life miserable.

He likes to call people's work place and get them fired, too.

Cudahy Chris Garcia Has Issues

A contact in the region shared the following information with me:

Chris Garcia has the habit of calling the work places of the people who complain about him and gives bad references to get the person fired from the workplace.  Chris Garcia asked his lawyers friends to do a background check on people who do not like him, try to find ways to put them in jail, to lose their immigration process or get deported by Immigration.

Wow! And Cudahy Chris claims that he supports immigrants! 

He undermines legal residents.

Why would he make it harder for people to enter this country legally, then?

Chris Garcia is hurting people who follow the law and are in the process of immigration.


Another question: what does Cudahy Chris do for a living? After all, turnabout is fair play.

Let's start calling his workplace, and tell his employers that he needs to be terminated.

One source informed me that he lives with his girlfriend, and she pays all the bills.

He does not have a job? 

Well, he is supposed to serve as a city councilmember, but he is failing miserably at this job.

We need to talk to Chris' employers, the voters of the city of Cudahy, and get him fired!

Call Councilmember Chris Garcia, and tell him:


¡Est├ís despedido(a)!

323-773-5143 ext. 301

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  1. Asking people to do the same after you criticized this guy????

    Look your self in mirror!