Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cudahy Crooks: Racist, Anti-Immigrant Haters

We the People Rising came in full force to hold the Cudahy, CA City Council accountable for their corruption, malfeasance and rampant lawlessness.

In our group, we have Hispanics, African-Americans, young and old. A young Hispanic conservative, Isaac Rodriguez, also attended the city council to protest their illiberal sanctuary city folly as well as their rampant waste and fraud

The desperate smear of every amnesty panderer, of every undocumented politician, is to depict us as anti-immigrant bigots.

Not only is it not true, it is an old attack which more people are beginning to see through without hesitation.

Cudahy Chris Garcia, one of the Corrupt Cudahy Four, started taking pictures during the city council meeting on January 11th, a violation of the Brown Act. He is supposed to be governing the city in the best interests of all legal residents. When a city council upholds the rule of law, everyone benefits.


The Corrupt Cudahy Four are not interested in what is best for everyone -- just themselves.

Here is the desperate smear from Cuday Chris Garcia:

A racist anti immigrant group that is not from Cudahy tried hijacking our meeting tonight. Looked at them straight in the eye and told them "I condsider no human being illegal!"

Garcia was taking pictures:

Chris Garcia violates the Brown Act,
takes pictures of the audience.

Here are the photos he took:

Chris' first photo
In this photo are a number of Hispanic residents simply fed up with corruption. One of We the People Rising protesters is Raul Rodriguez, of Mexican dissent. Does Chris really think that Raul is biased or prejudiced toward Hispanicsc?!

Here are other photos:

and then

In this photo, Garcia was focusing on me. At this time, I was holding a pink slip, since this man needs to be fired, along with the other three fools.

Everyone in the audience supported my comments. The four of them are a bunch of little children with no experience or respect for their elders. They have no idea what they are doing, and do not realize that the city wants them GONE!

So, the protesters are a bunch of anti-immigrant racists? Please explain this picture, Mr. Garcia:

Rudy Cruz of Huntington Park
protests the corrupt Cudahy City Council
This photo should phase out any doubt about the intentions of We the People Rising:

Sandra Orozco, Southeast Political Activist
Would Garcia like to call Sandra Orozco a racist to her face?! I dare him to . .
Garcia and Co. want to suggest that the protests centered on racism, Residents in the city shared otherwise: "He pretends to care about the illegals, but then admits that he does not care about them, because they cannot vote."

Second of all, we are not anti-immigrant or even racist. Check out the photos below if anyone has any questions. The residents in the city were thrilled that We the People Rising rose to the occasion and protested. We support legal immigration. One of our members, Betty Retama,

Third of all - we did take over the meeting, in that audience members shouted down the outrageous arrogance and corruption of the Cudahy City Council. 

As for Cudahy Chris - he is a corrupt politico using people for hisWell, how about that? Just using people for one's political gain. Cudahy Chris Garcia is an anti-immigrant racist.

For the record, here are pictures of We the People Rising with HISPANIC residents and activists from the city:

Chris Castillo, Teresa Carlos, and me
(far more diverse than the city council)
Check out this photo of all of us with welcoming Cudahy residents:

The only anti-immigrant racists are the ones sitting on the city council who use and abuse the city, the children, and the hard-working taxpayers. Shame on them!

Teresa Carlos also took this great photo:

Why would city residents and supevisors take pictures of us and support our cause if we were just a bunch of anti-immigrant racists? Really?!

Check out the craven cowardice of the Cudahy Crooks:

Chris Garcia standing to flee
Garcia running away
The whole city council yelled at him for his corruption
Here are some other incriminating photos:

Markovich (center) was drinking a Jamba Juice during the meeting!

The Cudahy Crooks are taking advantage of law-abiding citizens and legal residents. They are the haters, and they ran away from us this evening. If they really cared about immigrants, they would uphold the rule of law, and stop engaging in rampant coruption.



  2. we wont run on Monday.....coming down with half of Cudahy to run all of u out of here ...come on Monday the 8th. We will see who runs

  3. Arthur you really need to find something else to do.. why dont you go to Washington Dc where the head of the crooks are. or do you only like to prey on those who you think are weak. Cudahy just like most cities of L.A county have illegal immigrants living there other cities have more than Cudahy, but you choose to Attack Chriss because he called Cudahy " A sanctuary for Immigrants" i have a questions for you .. when he made that statement did he use the term "iilegal immigrants"?? or did you just assume because he is hispanic he was refering to "illegals" ? it doesnt matter if he made that statement he can exercise his freedom of speach right, plus do you really think he has the power of law to actually grant amesty to illegal immigrants?? like you said.. if he does not have the power .. why are you even mad?? does it tick you off to know that people in leadership roles support illegal immigrants?? i dont support what you stand for in respect to illegal immigration but i am not going to waste my time standing outside your home with picket signs .. i have more sense than that.. you are going to get nowhere really fast with this matter.. i am just waiting on time to ware you out so i can enjoy my Cudahy visits without having to see you, and by then all you will be Arthur is a sour memory of someone who failed miserably failed to make a change that no resident from the city of cudahy asked for .. the dream that you Arthur,Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio and Sarah Palin have will be shut down so bad that you will change your name to "Arturo" (haha just kidding about that part, i though it was funny. but i am serious about the rest you will fail) thank you have a good day.. from yours truly Adrian Lokz..

  4. Councilman Garcia has taken a stand to not allow federal agents to do their job in his city. BUT he deploys officers when HE thinks he should be protected at city council meetings. So he is for lawbreaking according to his whims but calls in the cavalry to protect himself. Arthur Schaper is a person who upholds the law and is a constituent without borders at the Cudahy City Council Meeting speaking out in support of U.S. law. He is enlightening the community and exposing how corrupt the council members and mayor are in Cudahy.