Friday, January 8, 2016

Citizen Sanctuary

While fighting the crime and corruption of Huntington Park, where four rogue city council members -- Karina Macias, Graciela Ortiz, Marilyn Sanabria, and Jhonny Pineda -- appointed  two illegal aliens to city commisions, I learned that other cities, specifically Cudahy, in the Southeastern LA corridor have declared themselves "sanctuary cities."

"Sanctuary" should refer to security based on righteous, holy precepts. Individuals fleeing rampant abuse and in direct fear for their lives do need to flee from danger. However, city leaders and governors throughout the country have declared their communities "Sanctuary this or that" not out of goodness or truth, but political correctness or malfeasant ambition, and nothing more.

The cities announce to to the world at large that they will not comply with federal immigration authorities, but take every precaution to protect illegal aliens from capture and deportation.

In the last two years, criminality has run rampant in communities throughout the country, and morso in Los Angeles County, because of a glaring lack of enforcement. Prostitution, drug-dealing, gang-banging, and public integrity crimes abound in the region.

Cities and their city councils wear this brazen, unbearable defiance like a badge of honor.

It's time for California residents, and all American citizens. to take back Los Angeles, our state, and our country.

Here is my poem to the corrupt Cudahy city council, for declaring their town a "Sanctuary City", in flagrant defiance to state and federal law. I will be there to read it to them very soon!

City of Cudahy Official Seal

Citizen Sanctuary

Last year in January
You declared Cudahy a “Sanctuary”
For whom? For illegal aliens, or citizens?
There’s a difference between the two!

One rule of law: that’s the rule you must keep
Yet  you have declared
Cudahy a “Sanctuary City”
Taking an illegal step, an affront too steep.

The Word “Sanctuary” implies
Peace, Safety, Security,
If you could only surmise.
Words which mean nothing
Without respect or honesty.
Not with immaturity,
But sanctity and integrity.

You violated your oaths last year in January
Your actions to the rule of law, completely contrary
Which you swore to uphold and keep.
Yet you fell for the fatal flaw
To think that you could make
The rules up while we sleep.

I read your resolution
Irresolute, full of confusion.
You wrote: “We value diversity”
Yet through perversity,
You make war on us all
With this immoral, illegal call.

Men and women love America
Because they want truth, justice,
And the American Way.
Your illegal actions undid everything in one day.

 “We respect human rights”,
Yet your declaration is wrong
Rights mean nothing, if illegal is made legal
Because of the illegal alien throng.

“Sanctuary” means something
If you enforce what is right.
 “Immigrant” implies lawful, considerate, true,
Values which do not describe what you do
Nor those who crossing the border
Against ours laws and  the natural order.

A true “Act of Love” honors God above
And the rule of law below.
We the People have had enough of
You officious elected officials.
You are undocumented politicians
Full of vain repetitions.

You treat the documented citizens,
Like criminals who belong in prisons.
You are aliens to our nation,
Rejecting citizens and their home.
You need to be deported
And sent far away to roam.

Instead of “Sanctuary City”
Let us declare this January
That citizens are for cities

And Cudahy a Citizen Sanctuary!

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  1. no sanctuary cities...This is unlawful...