Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Presidential Candidates Shoot At Obama's Executive Gun Control

President Obama is relentless in his gun control.

Following his hollow tear-fest demanding action on firearms (instead of prosecuting the criminals who misuse firearms are dealing with mental illness), Republican Presidential candidates blasted the President on Twitter:

Jeb Bush:
Pretty weak tea, but still much better than what we have in the White House.

The former Governor of Arkansas (the one not married to Hillary), linked two cultural issues, and shot down Occupant Obama on both:

Carly picked up on the enforcement issue. 

Liberals are obsessed with writing and passing laws, but refuse to enforce them, a lot like indulgent parents who refuse to discipline their children.

Dr. Ben called out President Obama's agenda:

And of course, Hillary Clinton praised her former employer, whom she wishes to emulate (fat chance):

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