Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Huntington Park City Council in 2016: A Rough Start

 I received from a city resident, and he reported to me that the city website had not been updated to show that the January 5th, 2016 City Council meeting had been cancelled.

Intrigued, I took two photos of the city website:

Lo and Behold:

Indeed, the city clerk has to scramble to keep up with the corrupt city council, which called a special session at the last minute, apparently without informing the public.

And now they cannot keep up with the meetings which they have cancelled!

While waiting for information about the city council meeting, I sent the following FOIA request:

Dear City Clerk:
I would like all communiques among city staff and the city council which led to the announcement of a December 23, 2015 special city council meeting in Huntington Park.
 I saw no postings.
Why was this meeting called? Where was it posted an announced?
Thank you.

I received the following emails from the Donna Schwartz, the city clerk:

Good Morning Mr. Schaper,
With regard to your request there are no records relevant to your inquiry.
I then received another response from the city clerk:
Mr. Schaper,

With regard to any record or transcript regarding the December 23rd meeting.  I believe my staff responded to you regarding that a DVD (copy) of the meeting will be provided to you once we receive it and as far as a transcript. Draft action minutes will be provided at the Jan 19 City Council meeting for approval.


What is going on in this city hall?!


  1. they are all corrupt...........period

  2. I believe they are STILL VIOLATING CALIF'S "BROWN ACT"....ie.: The Ralph M. Brown Act is California's open meeting law. The law's intent is that the actions of public commissions, boards and councils in California be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly. (Government Code section 54950.) http://www.brownact.4t.com/