Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton: (Un)Holy Cow

Another eblast from the Hillary Clinton camp, with the following subject headline

Holy Cow

Once again - I kid you not.

I don't know if I would call Clinton a cow, although she was a cash cow for the Clinton Foundation as she made deals with dictators and rogue regimes throughout the world.

She likes to milk people for all they are worth. She certainly chews the cud when prospective voters ask her direct questions, which has no intention of asking. Liberal voters do not like her or trust her.

Her supporters worship this woman. Carville wrote in the last Hillary eblast that this country should elect the first woman President.

This country made the mistake of wading, then drowning in identity politics before.

Let's not go there again. We do not need a sacred cow candidate in the White House. We need a statesman--or woman. Someone whom we can trust to serve and abide by the law.

If the American people want to elect a female President, they should select Carly Fiorina.

I would vote for Carly not because she is a woman, however, but because she is a smart and effective business leaders, a force to be reckoned with.

As for Hillary Clinton, she is a farce to be ridiculed: i.e. a Holy Cow.

(Credit: Gamerscoreblog)

Here is the contents from the latest Hillary eblast:

Friend --

More of Bernie Sanders' supporters have stepped up to donate to his campaign than ours have.

Of course they have! They trust Weekend at Bernie Sanders more than Hil-LIAR-y.

I know that. You probably know that. And holy cow does Bernie Sanders' campaign know that.

Holy cow, Hillary needs to milk her supporters for more money. She is a real cash cow, isn't she? Her Wall Street connections should be able to see her through, right?

You probably also know that national polls clearly show Hillary has more supporters than Bernie does -- and that's great. But the Iowa caucuses are in two days, and unless you'll be there caucusing in Dubuque or Des Moines, the best way to be counted as a Hillary supporter is to chip in $1 to show it right now:

The polling has not been very clear, actually. Sanders and Clinton are neck and neck, or "a photo finish" per diverse pundits chomping at the bit to guess who will make it on top in Iowa.

Donate $1

Two days,


Robby Mook

Campaign Manager

No money. two days, and we can expect Hillary Clinton to be led out to pasture or slaughtered in her weakening bid for the Presidency.


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