Sunday, January 17, 2016

"El Corrupto" Chris Garcia Got So Much Wrong

Cudahy Communist Councilman Chris Garcia played the shame card following the arrival then protests of We the People Rising.

Here is his post from Facebook:

A racist anti immigrant group that is not from Cudahy tried hijacking our meeting tonight. Looked at them straight in the eye and told them "I condsider no human being illegal!"

Yes, and he spelled the word "consider" wrong.

He got a number of other things wrong, too.

We are not racist.

In our group, we have Hispanics, African-Americans, and other individuals of diverse backgrounds.

We are not anti-immigrant.

None of us would be here if not for immigration.

The key issue, however, is LEGAL immigration.

Chris Garcia
We are anti-illegal immigration. Everyone who comes to this country for a better life must do so legally, otherwise the greatness of America--the rule of law, civil liberties, limited government, local control--would come to naught.

A country without borders is not a country at all. Human beings without a country are not human beings at all.

Therefore, there is no such thing as a human being living in a country without borders.

We are pro-American! We believe in putting Americans first!

Those are not offensive values. Mr. Garcia's decision to announce Cudahy as a sanctuary city - that is offensive. That is racist, and that is anti-immigrant.

Chris Garcia leaving

Once again, about that word "immigrant". The very term implies legality. If people enter the country illegally, they are not entitled to the title "immigrant."

It is shameful and destructive to equate those who obeyed the law with those who refuse to or choose not to.

Something else that Chris got wrong: we did not intend nor did we end up hijacking any meeting.

If anyone deserves blame for ruining the meeting, look no further than Los Cuatro Corruptos who denied young girls the chance to perform for a ballet, who have entered into bad contracts with labor unions, who want to close down city hall for three days out of the week, who are engaging in all kinds of corruption and malfeasance.

Los Corruptos hijacked the city for their perverse political ambitions.

Chris Garcia flew into a rage at a member of the audience, and a fierce shouting match ensued. He ended up running out of the meeting, without permission or any indication that he would come back to finish the meeting.

Instead, he made a snide remark, then called me a "jackass."

He discriminated against me. He discriminated against everyone else the audience.

Most importantly, Garcia discriminates against immigrants.

Now, let's talk about his stern redirect: "I looked them straight in the eye: "No human being is illegal."

First of all, I rarely saw him look anyone in the eye, whether in the audience or on the city council dais.

Next, about this term "illegal". . .

This verbal sophistry cannot hide Garcia's rampant criminality. He has opened up his city to all kinds of lawsuits and moral peril by refusing to comply with federal law. He has dishonored the efforts of millions of legal residents. Worst of all, his illegal actions have brought lawlessness and anarchy to Cudahy.

El Corrupto Chris Garcia got so much wrong on January 11, and more will be revealed in the weeks to come.


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