Thursday, January 7, 2016

Flashback: Huntington Park Mayor Macias Sealed Her Fate

Mayor Karina Macias has courted controversy and illegal activities before. Before she voted with her corrupted colleague Jhonny Pineda to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions, she misued the city seal to get Pineda as well as Ortiz and Sanabria elected last year.

Huntington Park Mayor Karina Macias

The Los Angeles Wave reports:

Huntington Park City Council members clash over use of cityseal

HUNTINGTON PARK — Embattled Vice Mayor Karina Macias has admitted using the city seal without permission on a campaign flier supporting three challengers running for City Council March 3, but she refused to step down after City Councilman Mario Gomez called for that at a special meeting Feb. 5.

She was upsetting city decorum and breaking the law before the March, 2015 elections. Wow.

As mayor, Karina Macias also called a special meeting on December 23rd, 2015, two days before Christmas. Then the city council (purportedly) directed the city manager to cancel the January 5th, 2016 city council meeting. These rogues love their special sessions, as they believe that they can get away with just about anything.

The council majority, in closed session, approved hiring a special attorney to look into the matter and called for investigation by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission.

The four corrupt officials need to be investigated for appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions.

“I will not step down,” Macias said.

She said she thanked the residents for coming to express their opinion and would let the attorneys and district attorney decide on the issue.

What?! Macias has been abusing her power and misusing the city's diminished prestige for her own gain. How shameful!

“I had checked with two civil attorneys and they said nothing was illegal,” said Macias concerning the flier, adding “I used my own money for it. I understand it is election time and the candidates I support are not incumbents.”

What was the name of one of the attorneys? Arnold Alvarez-Glasman?!

However, former Councilwoman Elba Romo, a candidate March 3, issued the following statement:

“The mailer that Vice Mayor Macias sent out uses the seal twice, first in the cover to inform voters of “A message from Vice Mayor Macias” and secondly in an interior letter.

“The use of the seal gives the appearance that this is an official city endorsement. In a highly contested race with a total of 10 candidates, seven candidates have united to call for full enforcement of the law. The council will vote to determine what actions will be taken.”

Ms. Romo strikes the necessary point. A city seal communicates a municipal sanction or sense of support for something or someone. Macias had not right nor authority to use the city seal to promote her three corrupt, crony friends into elected office.

Although a city policy calls for strict regulations on the use of the city seal, City Attorney Isabell Buerruta said there is no specific law against it. She proposed bringing such a resolution to the council at a future date.

I have  no problem offering such a resolution.

It all began at the Feb. 2 City Council meeting when, during council comments, Gomez displayed the colored flier and criticized Macias for using the city seal.

“The city seal is sacred,” Gomez said. “You should not use it for personal political reasons. It’s just not right.”

There is so much about Macias -- and all that she does in Huntington Park -- which is not right, and never will be. She disregards the natural rights of all people, and routinely violates the Constitutional rights of citizens.

Macias said she used the seal for identification and said the brochure makes clear that it is her personal endorsement, not the council’s. She said she supports challengers Jhonny Pineda, a member of the Huntington Park Planning Commission; Marilyn Sanabria and Graciela Ortiz.

Pineda sat on the planning commission at one time. Who appointed him?

Mayor Rosa Perez is the only incumbent among 10 candidates seeking three seats as Gomez and Councilwoman Ofelia Hernandez are termed out of office.

Other candidates are former council members Andy Molina and Romo, Leticia Martinez, executive director of the Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce; Alex Reynoso, Rodolfo Cruz and David Sanchez.

Rudy Cruz, Alex Reynoso, and David Sanchez were fighting a corrupt political machine.

Sanchez has been unsuccessful in two races against Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Commerce.

God Bless David Sanchez for trying.

The council also agreed to place on a future agenda for discussion possible residency requirements to run for a council seat. Some residents Feb. 2 complained that under current policy a person who knows little about city issues can move into the city one day before filing for election.

Well. Well. Well.

In the public comment portion of the agenda Feb. 2, Spanish language journalist Henry Garcia called for a seven-year residency requirement, while longtime resident Betty Retana called those who recently moved into the city “carpetbaggers.”

Yes. Yes! YES!

“We need a new [residency] law,” Retana said. “People who come here from the outside don’t know our problems. If the wrong people are elected, they will be recalled.”

She told a reporter she was referring to Sanabria, Pineda and a third candidate, apparently those endorsed by Macias.

Macias was the subject of similar complaints when she was elected in March 2013.

Councilman Valentin Amezquita, who successfully ran with Macias in that election, said he picked her up at her parents’ home in Walnut Park, an unincorporated county area near the Huntington Park border, as she was preparing to run for council. [emphasis mine]

Macias said a representative of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office visited her home in Huntington Park and declared her a legal resident.

Speaking of visiting councilmember's homes. . .We the People Rising paid Macias a Christmas visit on January 5th, 2016, the same day when the city council was supposed to hold a council meeting, but had cancelled it the previous week. . .and Macias was in city hall earlier that evening, too.

The outside of Karina's apartment

Macias' Front Door

Speaking from the dais during council comments at the end of the meeting Feb. 2 meeting, Macias said, “I went to school and grew up in Huntington Park. My roots are here. I love the city.”

If she loves the city so much, then she would not turn it into a shameful spectacle of lawlessness and corruption. If Macias loved her city, she would follow the law, and stop pandering to immoral political machines who want to profit themselves at the expense of hard-working, law-abiding residents.

From the beginning of 2015 to the present day, Huntington Park Mayor Karina Macias has sealed her fate as a weak and feckless puppet, doing the bidding of mafia thugs, amnesty advocates, and Democratic frauds seeking only their gain.

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