Sunday, January 31, 2016

Updates on Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is charting a new course and bringing fiscal discipline and conservative principles back to Maryland.

More than a celebrity, Hogan is a statesman who is thinking big, moving forward, and opening Maryland for business.

Check out what he's doing in the Old Line State.

But first, let's talk about the right stances Hogan took early on.

Just after his election, he presented the following values on abortion. reports:

I was a bit surprised that this didn’t result in further pushback by the
Democrats since Hogan answered a question about late term abortions by the Maryland Catholic Conference by saying:

If legislation were passed by the legislature that reflected reasonable restrictions to that effect on third trimester abortions past the point of fetal viability I would sign it.

Only the most extreme (and extremely perverse) abortionists would support killing a baby at any time. With the release of those terrible videos within Planned Murderhood, even pro-choice elements in the country want to cut funding to the agency.

Stopping abortion at the third-trimester is a good start in a state where partial-birth abortions were on the rise.

How did Hogan handle other hot-button issues, like homosexual marriage? The Washington Blade reported:

Republican Maryland gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan on Friday said his position on marriage rights for same-sex couples has “evolved.” Hogan said on News Talk with Bruce DePuyt on News Channel 8 in response to a question about whether he voted for the state’s same-sex marriage law in a 2012 referendum on it that he was “originally for civil unions.”

“I was a supporter of traditional marriage,” he told DePuyt. “It’s an issue that I fully understand. The voters have made their decision. I support their decision and will uphold the law. I’ve evolved I guess on the issue.” 

Evolved on the issue? He was not sure about it, and in greater likelihood, the issue was not an up-front concern to him.

Hogan said marriage rights for same-sex couples, extending in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants and other social issues “are really decided in Maryland.” “They have no part in this campaign whatsoever,” he said. “We’ve been completely focused on the issues that all Marylanders are focused on right now, and that’s economic issues.”

Governor Larry Hogan
Notice that he did not necessarily support those issues. He merely acknowledged that the Maryland voters had already decided on those issues. Then he segued to the major focus: those issues which everyone was focused on right then and there. In the same article, Hogan clearly opposed the transgender bathroom bills and other discriminatory agendas which would allow men into women's bathrooms.

Has Governor Hogan caved to Big Homo on other issues? Not at all.

Hogan refused to sign off on other regulations, like ending discrimination against same-sex couples in fertility treatments, or allowing transgendered individuals to change their listed sex on their birth certificates. He informed the public and the legislature that those laws would have to go into effect without his support. As a governor, Hogan has a number of tools at his disposal, and even if he cannot stop bad legislation, he can reject tacitly or oppose them publicly.

He also held back late-night regulations from the outgoing O'Malley administration. The Baltimore Sun reports:

In one of his first acts, Hogan held up a regulation that would have banned Medicaid providers in the state from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, according to state officials. The provision was proposed in recent months under the administration of Hogan's predecessor, Martin O'Malley, at the urging of LGBT groups.

Hogan was undeterred by the gay-hate rhetoric. He also refused to ban official government business travel to Indiana while the state legislature was discussing how to protect individual liberties in the face of homofascist attacks.

Hogan had more courage than the red state governor and supermajority of Republican legislators in Indiana, who all caved from the pressure of Big Business threatening to pull out all investments from the state.

Check out his remarks on gun control after the San Bernardino, CA attacks:

Gov. Larry Hogan said Friday gun control laws did not prevent a mass shooting in California or a spate of violence in Baltimore, and he suggested that public officials need to look elsewhere for answers.

Hogan told reporters that the killing of 14 people in San Bernadino, California this week was an "outrage" and terrible tragedy, but that gun control was "not the only solution."

"This issue goes beyond gun control," the Republican said outside a Baltimore diner.

This conservative Governor in a blue state is not afraid to speak the truth about gun control: it's not working.

He's making the best of a difficult situation for most Republicans in blue states: how best to governor for the better interests of all residents, while dealing with a progressive-leftist political part bent on business as usual statism and corruption?

His latest measures against the Maryland state legislature should encourage more conservatives in the minority. The state legislature wants to re-enfranchise convicted felons. Hogan vetoed the bill, citing that those felons must pay back their debt to society first.

Right. Instead of just using his pen and phone to say no, Hogan appealed to all Marylanders to call their state reps and sustain the governor's veto.

#HoganStrong is showing real muscle!

Go Larry!

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