Saturday, January 16, 2016

Joe Galliani: Big Green Mafia Don

In the South Bay, one illiberal special interest is rearing its ugly head.

Environmental extremism is reaching a feverish pitch in the region. I have commented on the Big Green bullying which is trying to push men and women aside, prevent people from speaking their minds on key issues.

I received a letter from a law firm blasting former city councilmember and current Congressional candidate Nanette Barragan for trespassing on private property, all in the drive to prevent Measure O from passing in 2015.

There is so much more going on in Hermosa Beach tied into this Big Green thugocracy . . .or mafia.

Hermosa Beach is pushing ahead on Community Choice Aggregation, even though the colluded, corrosive mixture of Big Business and local government politics will raise prices, ration energy, and create poorer cities all around.

Hermosa Beach Mayor Carolyn Petty reminded her colleagues that the city residents wanted safety, security, and a strong infrastructure, and a city which invites visitors in the South Bay and throughout the country to swim along the beautiful shores. Her four fellow councilmembers decided to continue investigation into CCA notwithstanding.

Hermosa Beach should stay Hermosa.

In Torrance, City Councilmember Tim Goodrich (originally from Buffalo, New York) and a left-win anti-war agitator, tried to promote CCA. He even attempted to shame me into silence, suggesting that I would "look foolish" if I spoke against the expensive and dysfunctional proposal.

Throughout the South Bay, elected officials and state bureaucrats are pushing for more government overside

Liberal activists are supporting Democratic candidates hostile to freedom of speech, press, petition and redress.

In other words: Anti-liberty.

Conservatives, libertarians, and all Republicans care about the environment. Some of the first conservationists were Republicans, like Teddy Roosevelt.

The problems emerge when activists and advocates want to increase the size and scope of the state in its relentless quest to protect the environment, and often at ANY cost. Those costs pass on to consumers, taxpayers, families.

This is wrong. Free markets, free enterprise, and free people find themselves in the best position to promote clean water, clean air, and clean space, without any of these policies cleaning out our wallets or our liberties.

And yet. . .

Joe 350: The Big Green Mafia Don
At the last U.S. Chemical Safety Board, one of the most vocal and abusive Big Green activists, Joe Galliani, aka 350 Joe, called the ExxonMobil refinery a "mafia don" for delaying on the release of information from federal subpeonas.

What? A Mafia Don? Really?!

Now, this same Big Green activist has yelled at people for speaking out against Community Choice Aggregation. Like-minded activists have shamed and slammed people on social media for not agreeing with their visceral, vocal, yet destructive agenda.

For too long, men and women in the South Bay have said nothing. It's time to stop this unsettling enterprise.

At the January 13 US Chemical Safety Board, I first denounced Joe's hateful, shameful rhetoric,

I then turned my attention to the Torrance Refinery Action Alliance, which has unjustly assumed that they speak for all Torrance residents. They do not. The group is a tiny yet well-organized coalition of radical liberals and progressives who want to shut down ExxonMobil. In effect, the group is a front for the Torrance Democratic Club, as a number of the most oustpoken members of the club are members of  the TDC.

Check out one of their inflammatory pamphlets:

In black ink, the picture identifies a "kill zone" radius around ExxonMobil. Propaganda at its finest--and worst.

This unseeing, unthinking coalition of vocal environmentalists includes Joe Galliani, who actually called for ExxonMobil to be shut down, as did Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Torrance). This kind of relentless politicizing is unfeeling, unsound, and just plain unbelievable. There would be no Torrance without the refinery, since much of the development in and around the city started with the balanced urban planning of residential, commercial, and industrial Torrance, CA.
I spoke with some of the members of the group. They are another political front akin to Barack Obama's Organizing for Action.

Many of the audience members denounced their harmful propagandizing. One of the spokesmen for another chemical company exposed their incendiary fliers, which compared the surrounding energy companies to ISIS. I suggested to the US Chemical Safety Board that a "radius of stupidity" surrounds the TRAA. Everyone loved that line!

So. . .ExxonMobil wants to break your legs, and LRG wants to cut your head off? Unbelievable. These environmental activists are irresponsible agitators.

I will go one step further. People like 350 Joe are Big Green Mafia Dons. Figuratively speaking of course (I hope?), they want to put cement shoes and shame into silence anyone who disagrees with their Big Green, anti-reality agenda. This is ridiculous!

The climate alarmism arguments promoted these Big Green Bullies is disheartening and sad, and now becoming dangerous. Residents of the South Bay, whatever their passion or profession, need to stand up to the Big Green Bullying, and take down this Big Green Mafia. It's time to tell "Big Green Mafia Don" Joe Galliani to stop making offers which we cannot refuse! (Keep the horse heads out of our beds!)


  1. Nice article. I agree

  2. Hysterical! Keep writing more of this stuff. My kids loved it too. Very entertaining!

  3. A CCA seems to be the epitome of free market competion. Why would a conservative be opposed the this form of competition?

    1. It is not free market. CCA relies on taxpayer money, not private capital. The program also relies on more government regulations. It is Obamacare for the Energy Industry, complete with more taxpayer subsidized bureaucrats.

  4. Yes, it is true some startup capital is required but that can come from the private capital market in the form of debt financing. That working capital is required because the less expensive sources of power required that power purchase agreements be prepaid. It is more a timing of cash flow issue that an additional cost. The monopoly Invester Owned Utilities have had 100 years to lobby for regulations that protect their monopoly. In my mind one regulation to offset another one is a reasonable way to get a better working marketplace.

  5. According to this source,
    2013 aggregation contracts in the midwest are yielding a 25% savings.