Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Illogic of Hateful Amnesty Supporters - Alfredo Gama EXPOSED

I posted the following article on Harbor Area Republican Club Facebook page:

On November 19, 2015, We the People Rising confronted the staffers of Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance, Los Angeles, CA) demanding enforcement of the rule of law in Huntington Park, CA. Contact Lieu's office, and demand that the federal government secure our borders and remove the two illegals from the two Huntington Park, CA City Commissions!

Alfredo Gama

Alfredo Gama of Torrance (?) left a chain of abuse and hate, calling it sound arguments.

This Alfredo Gama fellow has the following distinctions listed on his Facebook wall:

For a young man claiming to be a debate instructor, he relied on nothing but feelings and fancies, rather than truth, data, or evidence.

Here is the direct link to the article I posted:

Follow the argument here on Facebook, starting with his comments about the Enforcement Tour of We the People Rising:

Alfredo Gama lol, illegals? You don't look native to me. Whereas the people in HP commission ARE indigenous.

White Europeans are the real 'anchor babies' that had children here (hence why you're here) and used them as basis to stay.
Arthur Christopher Schaper 2. My familly all the way to the fourth generation past was born HERE!
Alfredo Gama 2. Doesn't matter.
Alfredo Gama 3. Still an anchor baby
Arthur Christopher Schaper My great grandparents immigrated here legally!
Alfredo Gama 4. Descendant of anchor babies
Arthur Christopher Schaper Those two illegals in Huntington Park? Here ILLEGALLY~!
Arthur Christopher Schaper Violation of the law cannot be tolerated
Alfredo Gama 5. Anchor babies created those laws your ANCHOR BABY GRANDPARENTS 'followed'
Arthur Christopher Schaper Betty Retama of Huntington Park -- her ancestors were in the United States long before the nation was established!
Arthur Christopher Schaper John Estrada Mr. Alfredo Gama needs some catching up on history
Alfredo Gama lmao, i think you need the catching up on history-- real history- not whitewashed one.
Arthur Christopher Schaper Alfredo Gama This whole "Anchor baby" line - you keep repeating it!
Arthur Christopher Schaper You are making this about race. Why
Alfredo Gama When were the first laws established, the ones that made people "illegal"?
Arthur Christopher Schaper Once again - I AM Native -- I was born here. If that does not matter to you - than I suppose nothing really matters to you.
Alfredo Gama LOL you are not native. get the fuck out.
Arthur Christopher Schaper I see that you are a debate coach. You rely on curse words to make a point? REALLY?!
Alfredo Gama You are a FUCKING adult. You can't handle curse words? cry me a river.
Alfredo Gama So when were laws established that made people illegal for coming to this country?
Arthur Christopher Schaper You can;t make a ppoint with cursing?! You are not acting like an adult.
Alfredo Gama You can't answer the question?
Arthur Christopher Schaper So Alfredo Gama can you provide something more than this :anchor baby line?
Arthur Christopher Schaper How do this justify a city violating fedearl and state law?
Alfredo Gama Can you provide something else other than calling people "illegals"?
Arthur Christopher Schaper How about Americans. going to mexico and demanding to sit on city commissions there? Not likeky!
Arthur Christopher Schaper They are illegal - because they broke the law - unlawful entry -- illegal presence.
Alfredo Gama Do you not understand that all laws are not moral nor ethical?
Alfredo Gama So are laws the standard to your morality? Reallyyyyyyy?
Arthur Christopher Schaper I do. So, a secure border is neither moral nor ethical. Why?
Alfredo Gama slavery was legal. Apartheid was legal. Jim crow was legal. Segregation was legal. Discrimination against same sex folks until recently was legal.

So all those were moral according to your standard of morality?
Arthur Christopher Schaper You consider a secure border immoral. Why?
Arthur Christopher Schaper Your words: "You don't look like a native". Why are you being racist?
Alfredo Gama Do you know what racism is? Racism is a SYSTEM of oppression. How am I creating a system that oppresses you? so ignorant.

Yes. Borders are immoral, the way they are established right now. 60-70 years ago, people from South of the border could just enter and leave freely without being sanctioned. No need to apply. just come and go. Europeans could just arrive by vote and just register to become citizens. No need to apply.

As America switched from slavery (free black labor) to other forms of cheap labor, people were made "illegal" in order to exploit them. The agriculture industry loves it. construction business as well. We started building walls to criminilize people. We started setting quotas for immigration so only the richest can come.

Welcoming anyone-- regardless of class or race-- is American.

Building walls is UNAMERICAN.

But you don't even understand any of that.
Arthur Christopher Schaper Alfredo GamaBuilding walls is unAmerican? Americans have walls around their homes and private property. Do you have any sense left?

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