Thursday, January 14, 2016

Huntington Park's Valentin Exposes Bribery Scandal. Who Goes Down Next?

The Los Angeles Times just reported that Huntington Park City Councilman Valentin Amezquita served as a key informant to the FBI in relation to a bribery scandal involving HP Towing.

Well. Well. Well.

The LA Times reports:

Nearly three hours into a meeting of the Huntington Park City Council, the discussion turned to tow trucks.
The owners of a company that towed and stored impounded vehicles for the city Police Department wanted permission to hike the fees they charged. The police chief and mayor supported the idea, saying the request was reasonable.
But Councilman Valentin Amezquita wasn't buying it.
In exchange for the monopoly the city had handed HP Tow in the form of an exclusive, long-term contract, the company should be offering discounted prices, not asking for more money, Amezquita said.
"What do we get out of this? What do our residents get?" he asked before voting against the higher fees. Two others joined him, defeating the measure.
That happened in 2013. Three years later, and the city council is up to its eyeballs in corruption.
The federal indictment contained more disturbing information about the two HP Towing owners.
One source has informed me that the city of Huntington Park was served with federal subpoenas, too.

So that's why the city council called an emergency meeting on December 23rd, 2015 . . .

Or is it?

Keep in mind that We the People Rising and other concerned citizens in the Los Angeles area have been reporting the numerous misdeeds of the Huntington Park City Council, including their frequent infractions against the Constitutional rights, and particularly the city's offensive decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions.

The Enforcement Tour was a major success for We the People Rising. It looks like all the hard work is starting to pay off.

One resident told me that the city council had cancelled the January 5th meeting because of a lack of business.

With all the corruption coming to the forefront, it looks as if there will be no business going on in city council chambers, with a majority of the city council in jail!

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