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Huntington Park City Council Meeting: January 19th, 2016

We the People Rising had not attended a Huntington Park, CA city council meeting for more than a month.

After the December 15th, 2015 meeting, the city council called a special session on the 23rd, two days before Christmas. Then the city clerk posted that the January 5th meeting was cancelled.

And yet, the January 19th  meeting held a prior Assessor's meeting.

I called out the council for postponing one meeting -- even though Graciela Ortiz was healthy enough to participate in a marathon. Mayor Macias and city manager Cisneros were working in city hall on January 5th.

We chased them around the city grounds that night, then caroled at their homes.

Now here we are January 19th, and the city council and staff have to sit through our protests and demands for the rule of law.

During my first comment, about the city's assessor agency, I blasted their evasion and then uestioned why they were holding a set of meetings that evening.

Macias ruled me out of order, yet nothing happened. She is already losing her grip on the city council and the chambers.

The room that evening was packed. It was uite a sight. People from all over Southern California showed up to support the cause of We the People Rising. I met so many people, including friend and relatives of the good Dr. Robert Newman.

It was really impressive.

There were also more supporters for the two illegal aliens, including Francisco Medina himself. I confronted him a number of times during the meeting and throughout the closed session. But more on that later.

During the firsts session, presentations and awards, the city council recognized the appointment of the first female sergeant to the Huntington Park police force. Sanabria and Macias made points about the police department as a "male dominated field." They never pass up an opportunity to bring up cultural marxism, gender bending, and all-out left-wing talking points whenever they can.

Shame on them.

Still, the appointment of this young lady was one of the high points of the city council meeting.

Then came the period for public comment. As usually, Jhonny Pineda offered a motion to divide public comment on non-agenda items to the end of the meeting.

Once again, the groanings and mockery emanated from the audience. These four corrupt city council members keep trying to silence We the People, and they are failing miserably.

During public comment, a number of us spoke out against the city's proposal to spend $12,000 to attend a conference in Nevada. Why spend so much money, especially when a large number of residents are working two jobs to make a similar amount of money in one year?!

I spoke against the city's proposal to spend $300,000 on on CivLAvia program. The last thing that Huntington Park needs is more closed streets. The parking situation is terrible. No urban planning has taken place to remedy this issue. I reminded the city council that our caroling to their home took longer because of the terrible traffic. Why would anyone want closed roads in their city?

After public comment on agenda items had ended, the city council ran off to closed session. They spent nearly an hour, if not more. What was taking them so long?

During the closed session, I confronted the illegal alien Francisco Medina. He refused to answer any questions which I asked him. He had spent years visiting other states and rallying illegals and pro-amnesty supporters in other parts of the country. Yet he never bothered to follow the legal process to become a citizen.

I started chanting for him to give up the commission assignment, and become a legal resident. One of the Huntington Park police officers asked me really nicely to stop protesting, because what I was doing was amounting to "harassment" or bullying.

Give me a break! The police are just as scared of us as the city council, and they cannot do anything about it.

Then a racist young lady dressed in green started yelling at me, trying to shut me down or intimidate me to go away. She took out her camera and started recording me. I had no problem with it. She kept preaching that we were hating, and that we need to stop harassing Medina. It failed.

Another lady came right next to the woman, who was later identified as Carla. The older woman told me to stop giving the illegal alien a hard time. "You should blame the city council, since they appointed him."

Later on, I explained to her that Medina is also guilty. He could have rejected the appointment. He should be taking steps to become a legal resident of this country, too.

Carla continued shouting racist slogans. Members of We the People Rising chanted back "USA! USA!" Her attempt to drawn me out and get me to move failed. Other young men sat next to Medina, recording my comments and making rude, racist remarks. One of them, a college graduate, called me a "white supremacist."

I later confronted him in the hallway outside the city council chambers. He could not answer my straightforward questions. That was a very important moment for our activism. I had wanted for the longest time to reach out to young people and really talk about these issues, getting beyond the sound-bytes and the race card.

Dr. Newman, Raul Rodriguez, and Isaac Rodriguez explained that our opposition to illegal immigration has nothing to do with race. The two of them are both of Mexican dissent, but both are proud Americans who want a secure border and a legal immigration system.

After the hour-long closed session, Mayor Macias conceded that she had neglected (or purposely ignored) a few speaker cards for agenda items. Raul had to pressure the city council, including the chief of police and the city clerk, to ensure that he and Dean D'Lean could speak.

The city attorney and the council interrupted Raul a few times, yet refused to restore his time back to him. He called them out of their frequent violations of the Brown Act, and still the city staff refused to comply.

When the mayor refused to allow Robin Hvidston to address the council on another agenda items, members of the audience (including myself) raised an uproar. She was not allowed to speak on an item. That is wrong. The city council moved into recess at least two more times before they directed the police to remove Raul.

He sat down and took his breath. The police officers went back and forth trying to convince him to get up and leave the chambers. When Rodriguez finally did get up, the police chief called for Raul to leave the building or stay outside.

Even then, fortunately, the police worked with Raul, and he came back in to speak during the final public comment portion. Unfortunately, Robin was still denied the opportunity to speak on another key agenda item. Our protests continued, but the city council refused to relent.

The council proceeded with discussion on the agenda items. The council voted to allow CicLAvia and the trip to Las Vegas. Councilman Amezquita explained that the conference permitted the city officials to attract new businesses to Huntington Park and bring new jobs and improve the economy.

One more time, the city council went into recess while the rest of us waited in the chambers for the final public comment.

The meeting did not end formally until 12:30 am, but We the People Rising insisted that we stay and hold the city council accountable for their corruption, fraud, and lawlessness.

Eric Loya, the former mayor of Huntington Park, informed everyone in the room that he once served as an informant to the FBI to catch fellow councilmembers engaging in bribery. He then shamed the city council for their frequent attempts to stifle freedom of speech along with other routine violations of the Brown Act.

When I stood up to address the council, Sanabria and Ortiz fled the chambers. What cowards they are.

Before the meeting ended, Dr. Newman stood up and demanded the opportunity to address the Huntington Park city council, since he had submitted a speaker card. Macias played with the audience, declaring that she had a motion and a second to adjourn the  meeting.

She gaveled out the meeting and fled. The police had to pressure everyone to leave the chambers.

For the first time in my memory, the Huntington Park City council meeting ended after midnight.


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