Saturday, January 16, 2016

In Cudahy, Not a #FreshStart, but the #SameOldStink

ABC 7's Vista LA gives this impression that all is well in Cudahy.

I keep reading all these reports and stories about a New Dayin Cudahy.

#FreshStart in Cudahy, Javana Lara writes:

The city of Cudahy and its neighbors have been plagued with corruption, but many people said it's a new day there.

With a new wave of young elected leaders in the city - and in the surrounding cities along the 710 Freeway - it is leaders like Mayor Cristian Markovich who are leading the charge and taking the cities in a new direction.

Markovich said technology and transparency are part of what's helping this positive change, and that means more accessibility to politicians, which is a good thing.

Uh. . .no!

Residents were up in arms with the city council's poor leadership.

The mayor -- Mr. Markovich--talks about transparency and openness, yet he tried to prevent a number of members of the audience from speaking. He had started the meeting late, and yet reuired members of the community to turn in speak cards by 6: 50, even though visitors to the city had not been informed about the city council's rules on public comment.

They deliberately ruined a dance recital for 2-7 year old ballerinas because of a petty political vendetta.

City residents are actually OUTRAGED that the city council spent $4,000 on "One Cudahy" Magazine.

Residents in the city have informed me of rampant corruption. The council approved an overly lavish labor contract with the labor unions.

The council is set to pay the city manager $200,000 - for a city of 30,000 residents?!

There is more going on in Cudahy.

And it is anything but a #FreshStart.


  1. As an ACTUAL Cudahy resident, I would like to inform you that most of us are not "outraged" a the cost of the magazine because for once in the history of the city, we have something to look to if we need help finding more information about our city. STOP TRYING TO SPEAK FOR US!

  2. I agree with the last comment, I do not attend the meetings because it is the same people complaining about anything, just to hear themselves speak. If I have a problem, I contact the Council Members Directly on Facebook or via Email. Jack Guerrero the only "Honest and transparent" one as you call him, is also the only member of Council who has never responded to any of my messages. Get your Facts together before you start throwing stones in glass houses. #RealCudahyResident #IVotedForMarkovich