Friday, January 8, 2016

Puppet Master Martinez Running for Anything

Puppet Master Efren Martinez is running for something.

Check out this picture, where he is running with one of his puppets, Huntington Park Vice Mayor Graciela Ortiz:

He took this selfie at the LA Marathon on January 3rd.

He better get use to running, since he has so much to flee!

Martinez wants to play up her connections with LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis:

Retweeted Hilda Solis (@HildaSolis):
Every day the 10 million residents of ‪#‎LACounty‬ speak 200 languages. This is a County 4 all. Stream my speech here:

Solis claims that the County belongs to everyone - except the legal residents, of course!

Check out Martinez' Facebook post from December 25th, Christmas Day!:

My daughter and I just finished taking food to our hard working men and women from Century Sheriffs Station and Huntington Park Police department. They work hard to keep us safe while we spend these holidays with our friends and families. Last night we took Tamales, coffee, pan dulce and Champurrado and today was Shakey's pizza, chicken and mojos! Thank you for keeping our communities SAFE!

If they were working a little harder, they would have arrested Martinez and his corrupt puppets. Why are we reading about the "kind deeds" he did on Christmas Day? He's supposed to be celebrating with his family.

This post is a pure political stunt, nothing more. So brazen and flagrant. He's probably going to announce very  soon his intentions of unseat Reggie Jones-Sawyer in the 59th Assembly District.

Southeastern Los Angeles needs respectful, law-abiding leadership, not the same political corruption which puts the agenda of illegal aliens ahead of legal residents.

Let's make sure that Puppet Master Martinez runs into a jail cell before he runs for anything else in 2016.

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