Friday, January 15, 2016

Bubba's Take on Obama's SOTU

Does anyone really care what Bill Clinton thinks about. . .anything?

Apparently, the Hillary Clinton Camp thinks that her followers will.

They are so desperate to elect the first Woman president, yet she had neither will nor strength to stand up to a reprobate husband who slept with everything but his wife.

And now this. . .

Friend --

The State of the Union is a chance to really take stock of where we are as a country -- what kind of progress we’ve made and what work we have left to do.

I did take stock, by not watching more than five minutes of Obama's last SOTU. The whole time, I was thinking: STFU.

We don't need a Republican sitting in the Oval Office, tearing down our progress, taking us in the wrong direction. The stakes are just too high.

This country has been going in the wrong direction for seven years. We need anyone, anything but another Democrat.

I cannot believe that anyone can read this email or watch the SOTU, or listen to the Occupant in the White House and truly believe that this country is going in the right direction.

The stock market is tanking. A record 90 million are out of work--period. ISIS is stronger than the surrounding militaries. Russia makes Obama look like a weak fool, not that the Occupant needs any help.

There is nothing executive, professional, or honorable about the state of the union under Obama's lack of leadership. Bubba had a better two years, but only because of a Republican Congress which forced him to govern more conservatively.

The next president will need the vision and the backbone to strengthen our economy and make it work for everyone -- while also keeping our country safe. No one is better prepared to do the job from day one than Hillary.

Yes, the next President must have vision and backbone, two key elements which Obama never had, and two traits which Hillary Clinton can never demonstrate.

Ha! Tell that to the Benghazi Four. Keeping our country safe? She kept her abusive husband safe, but no one else.

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