Thursday, January 14, 2016

"One Cudahy" Magazine: What a Waste of Money

At the January 11th, 2016 Cudahy City Council meeting, the boy mayor Cristian Markovich segued to discussions about social media.

"We tweeted informed about a social event", Markovich prided himself.

What does Twitter, Facebook, or just about anything else on the Internet have to do with good government? Most residents are working two or three jobs to keep a roof over their families' heads on food on the table.

Instead of building a vibrant city on morals and good principle, the four young hoodlums who call themselves city councilmembers are taking advantage of the poor city.

If half the residents in the city live their legally, then they need to be cared for. Instead, the city council majority cares about their petty, limited political careers. I was astounded to learn about the costly citation fees in the city. The City manager is set to earn. . .$200,000 a year, plus benefits?

Torrance, CA City Manager Leroy Jackson supervises a city five times the size of Cudahy, and yet he has turned down salary increases, whether the press was good or bad.

In Cudahy, the city budget is overdrawn. The elected officials take out personal vendettas on little children. They spend money that the city does not have, and award lavish, unjustified contracts to labor unions, hoping to buy votes with other people's money.

They can't even get a newsletter done right. The older residents in the city wanted a basic newsletter. The city council decided to spend $4,000 on a glossy magazine filled with hefty propaganda as well as a strong environmentalist push.

The Big Green Agenda is looking to roll over American citizens and take over cities throughout the country, and rogue officials like Los Cuatro Corruptus de Cudahy  are rolling over turning "Brown Towns" into easy money for their crony friends and special interest supporters.

Just look at the outrageous "One Cudahy-Una Comunidad" magazine.

Here's the front cover:

Front Cover
After attending my first city council meeting in Cudahy, there is no sense of oneness or community. Men and women feel betrayed by the elected officials. They see young men turned over to political backroom deals, doing what their puppet masters tell them to do. There is no one united Cudahy, since the "sanctuary city" policy has marginalized immigrants and promoted lawlessness.

The second page promotes. . .the City Manager. Huh?

City Manager Jose Pulido

This bureaucrat is set to make $200,000 from an over-generous contract. He is overpaid, according to local activists. Sandra Orozco announced to the audience that he was fired from another city. Another Bell ringing in Southeastern Los Angeles? Is Pulido running for office? The city council spent big money for the residents to see a picture of their city manager. This is ridiculous.

New Logo? How much did they spend on this idea?

Wow!  "Cudahy: Open Minds, Open Door". This new motto sounds like a backdoor attempt to push more illegal immigration. The city councilmembers have no open minds, because they cannot think for themselves. There are no open doors in Cudahy City Hall, considering the fact that the four rogues approved a four-day work week for city employees. Now local residents seeking help from the city will have only four days out of the week to speak with city staff. The doors are closing, not opening in Cudahy.

Let's Talk Trash: Markovich, Garcia, Sanchez, Hernandez

Is this little maze for the kids? It is way too simple. Why do children need to know where to throw trash, anyway? If this little game is for the adults in the city, then the council members have proven once again that they have no respect for their residents.

If we really do want to talk trash, let's talk about trashing Los Cuatros Corruptos.

This page talks about the General Plan, which really introduces Agenda 21 limitations on movement and ownership in the city.
Cudahy Plan 2040? How About for 2017: Throw the bums out!
City residents need to wake up and stop this slow takeover then takeaway of their homes.

Check out this picture:

The magazine wants to engage residents--citizens--yet at the same time, the city council routinely shuts down dissent. What were the four rogues thinking, promoting civic participation, and yet preventing people from speaking out?

One city councilmember, Jack Guerrero, has put up with all kinds of abuse. He has asked for more information, transparency, and accountability from his fellow members. They in turn choose to abuse him and refuse to listen to the Cudahy residents.

Check out this page:

Six ways to get involved! Wow! I am going to take advantage of every one of them! But wait! One way to participate includes "attend the city's public meetings." Notice how the page does not invite individuals to SPEAK at the meetings. Of course, no one needs permission to speak out. Most people shout and denounce the corrupt elected officials on the dais.

Then there is this insipid title:

Giddyuip, pardners!

This is not the Old West. The title implies some kind of Western theme, but the whole magazine has this neo-modern look to it. Who writes this crap?!

This page is really interesting:
Jacqueline Cardona
A long-time resident, now a teacher, writes about her commitment to her city. One of the key factors in her successful upbringing? Strict parents.

That's right. It's all about bringing up a child in a godly manner. Our success depends on learning how to behave, not relying on the government or other people to be responsible for us. I can think of four other people who needed strict parents when they were growing up. . .

Some statistics about Cudahy:
Many families, relatively young population
Many speak another language at home
besides English
93% speak another language at home besides English? How about English classes in the community centers? Jaime Escalante taught English in his free time. Another immigrant, Gene Simmons, told new arrivals: "Learn Goddamned English. Be a legal immigrant." Let's get with the program, people!

Final Reflection

This magazine was fawning and condescending, a waste of time and resources. $4,000 for a glossy newsletter, and yet the city is $1 million in the red. Four of the city councilmembers are corrupt and petty, looking for every means to stay elected, all while attacking the one honest city councilmember, Jack Guerrero.

The four clowns who supported this extravagance should pay back the city, then resign immediately afterwards. 

Now that's a story worth printing, even if it costs $4,000.

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