Friday, January 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton: An Alligator in a Tutu

I kid you not.

I just received a campaign eblast from the Hillary Clinton for President campaign with the following subject line:

"An Alligator in a Tutu!"

Yes, Hillary is an alligator. The mainstream media and her political support team keep trying to make her look good.

But people see her as immoral and dishonest.

She is a distant, stale, establishment fraud.

Who wrote this metaphor? Not Hillary Clinton, of course

It was James Carville:

I read the other day that more of Bernie's supporters have donated to support his campaign than Hillary's.

Weekend at Bernie's is raising lots of money.

I don't mean to be cranky, but what in the hell is that all about?! We've got the best chance we've ever had to put a woman in the White House, and oh, by the way, she just happens to be the most qualified candidate maybe since General George Washington himself!!

Hillary is a Woman in Name Only. She has no class or dignity. She is a total fraud, and many perceive her as a total liar. She drinks up iniquity like a milkshake.


Chip in $1 and let's catch up to Bernie's donors right now. This is crunch time now: This election is tighter than an alligator wearing a tutu.

Elections in Iowa and New Hampshire come down to getting a few extra voters here and there to come out for you, and you’ve gotta have that extra little edge to do that.

That's what you can give Hillary today -- that extra little edge. Chip in $1 right now, and let’s put this lady in the White House:
Donate $1

Let's go,


Carville called Ted Cruz "fearless". He was right. He called Hillary Clinton an alligator.

How right he is!

The only difference? This alligator is going to turn into a purse and get taken away!


  1. Thanks. I received the same email. You have just convinced me to donate to her campaign.

  2. Notice how this donor does not wish to be identified, though! LOL!