Thursday, December 31, 2015

Barry S's Letter from My Townhall Article "In the West, A New Birth of Liberty, and the Will to Live"

I received this great letter in response to my latest article on "In the West, a New Birth of Liberty, and the Will to Live"

Please Enjoy!


Having just finished your piece at Townhall, In the West, a New Birth of Liberty, and the Will to Live, I am moved to pen. I pray that your voice is magnified, at that to such a volume that, indeed, all of that perverse west coast land mass we call California will resoundingly reject the big government, progressive vomit that controls its citizenry. I further fervently pray you are increased in wisdom and audience.

Of particular interest were these gems:

…“Tolerance Romantics”

In France, Socialist President Francois Hollande has spear-headed investigations then invasions into key mosques, with their permanent closure following discovery of gun caches and other weaponry.

One of the founding Renaissance thinkers of the time, Thomas Aquinas, rejected the edits of Mohammed and viewed the religion as a heretical perversion of Christianity, nothing more.

In Great Britain, despite his wayward actions, Prime Minister David Cameron reminded the British public: “We are a Christian country.”

There exist in this great country a wealth of likeminded individuals capable of a true restoration of our defining and enduring concepts, principles and precepts. Thankfully you, your voice, has begun to surface.

Set fire to it!

For The Republic,
Barry K S-------

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