Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Holidays in Huntington Park

2000 years ago, the weary world rejoiced. A Savior was born in Bethlehem, and His work endures to this day. Today, on the cusp of a new millennium, no matter how grim our times may stare at us, the world is waking up, crying out for the better to break forth. This holiday season draws men and women away from their daily lives, to busier pursuits: buying gifts, connecting with extended family, talking about gun control (just kidding. A little holiday jeer!)

For We the People Rising, a growing coalition of concerned California conservatives who fight against illegal immigration and its enablers, the holidays do not interrupt but augment our activism for truth, justice and the American way.

If you are not having fun fighting for freedom, then why bother? Christmas time is here, and instead of shopping for gifts, We the People Rising attended (or rather, crashed) the last Huntington Park, CA City Council meeting of the year.

For those who are just learning about what’s happening in Huntington Park, let me tell you the Christmas Story of this not so fair city:

‘Twas the summer of 2015, and all throughout LA

Illegal immigration was rampant, and has grown today

The four rogue Huntington Park City Councilmembers, thinking they could beat the rap

Appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions, until We the People Rising shouted “Stop!”

For the past six months, our well-trained machine of conservative activism has pounded the payment, knocked on doors, dialed phone calls, appeared on national television, and harassed four Democratic city council machine politicians who have repeatedly flouted the rule of law. Strains of “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch” come to mind, but the rogues in “Little TJ” are stealing jobs, dignity, and the rule of law from residents – all legal – who crave security and opportunity.

We have reported these and other criminal activities to the FBI, the US Attorney, and members of Congress in the region (mostly Democrats at this time). During on city council meeting, our team handed photo booklets of our enforcement tour, too.

With California conservatives in their jackets, all comfy and fit

We the People Rising laughed and protested while the council had to sit.

December 15th, 2015, and all of us California conservatives, intent on upholding law and order, calling for the resignations of the four city council members and gaining support from former elected officials and current activists. Before the outset, the council chambers remained closed longer than usual, but we were undeterred. 

WTPR Director Robin Hvidston has focused  on “The City of Perfect Balance”, but travels throughout the state and hammers politicians, (mostly Democrats but also Republicans), who cast pro-amnesty votes all around. She and her merry band (Ho Ho Ho!) hads visited a thriving Trump for President Campaign event in Nevada, then dashed over to Huntington Park. “I wouldn’t miss it for anything!” she confided to me afterwards.

Sandra Orozco, a long-serving conservative political activist, excoriated the main HP criminal instigator: Jhonny Pineda of La Raza fame, not just in the city chambers, but at a local Rite Aid in her hometown.

Strained with discomfited frustration, more evident with every meeting, the four city council members are feeling the pain. For the past two meetings, they have fled to recess during public comment, overcome with outrage at WTPR’s refusal to quit. Wringing their hands in tortured humiliation, they wish they could hide just as they had done during the last meeting after the lights went out. Residents are also now pressuring the two illegals to resign their divisive posts.
A new city manager, Edgar Cisneros of Montebello, CA, enables the corruption and dishonor. A current school board president in his home city, Cisneros is getting more calls to resign. We have already targeted the controversial, untrustworthy city attorney Arnold  Alvarez-Glasman. He ducked out early during the December 15th meeting.

And there is more holiday cheer.

A tragedy of sorts is ending in Huntington Park, besides the slow demise of distinctions between legal and illegal. Nick Ioannidis, aka Nick the Greek, a community leader and signature patriot, faces foreclosure on his tailor shop, a shrine of American pride and splendor which should belong to the ages. Raul Rodriguez of American First Latinos has begun seeking counsel to help Nick through his dire financial crisis. Huntington Park residents and neighbors are cheering us on. More freedom-loving patriots are learning that face-to-face is better than Facebook activism. Wes Parker of WTPR celebrated our happy warrior efforts (and I gave the city council an autographed copy of his Huntington Park Christmas Story).

Our champion, the only honest councilman in Huntington Park, Valentin Amezquita, joined us at the podium, and explained his service to the city. Every one of us stood to honor his comments. Returning to the dais, he applauded our efforts and blasted his colleagues for routinely frustrating our freedom of speech. He excoriated their corruption, nepotism, and self-serving ambition.  They have failed time and again. Amezquita reminded the audience that our fight is not just about fighting the elected rogues of Huntington Park, but a global conflict of whether civilization lasts, or falls away.

It has been a Merry Christmas season already for We the People Rising, and we look forward to a new year, with a new President, a better Congress, and the full restoration of the rule of law, even in Huntington Park. The city council is inching away from their foolish, immoral, and illegal appointments of two illegals to city commissions. The chief of police -- who had removed me unjustly from the chambers in October – took a photo of me with Councilmember Amezquita before the City Hall Christmas tree in the downstairs lobby.

Peace on earth, good will towards men, and some holiday cheer while fighting against illegal immigration and utter lawlessness while also fighting for our rights and the United States Constitution: what more can a California conservative ask for?
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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  1. From Thomas:

    "While you appear happy that America speaks loudly about this scenario perhaps its time to serve God and cast this spurious pagan Christmas to the curb. Show me the word Christmas in our bible and I will eat my words. Read Jeremiah 10:1-4 and you will see what I mean. Time to learn the real truth that you celebrate the Sun God of Roman Catholicism and the Roman Holiday Saturnalia. Jesus was not born December 25th and no where does it speak of his birth but in a generic fashion without any date or commandment to follow. So you see perhaps its time to look into our hearts and defend the God of our true lineage instead of celebrating Satan’s days. If I know America/Canada they want to do it right. Do you suppose these illegal aliens have a right to be here or do you think Yahweh is punishing America/Canada for this alien service to Satan,just like pagan Easter when the pass over is the correct Holiday. In that our Saviour was born , blessed redeemer of whom we speak, Yahweh wants his people to do what’s right and not worship some tradition for the sake of Tradition. Food for thought Thomas."