Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Maywood Already Rotting From Within?

The city residents of Maywood made a clean sweep of their city council, throwing out the incumbents and installing new leaders, and yet they seem to have returned to old habits:

Maywood officials good afternoon. I'm a voice for good government and I don't see good government when you chose former tainted long lost Bell Assistant City Manager Pedro Carillo! You want transparency? MY VOICE SPEAKS VOLUME! 

City managers have considerable influence in communities. Bad city managers like Robert Rizzo brought down the entire Bell City Council in 2010. Good city managers provide proper disbursement of funds and lead cities to do the best for the citizens.

Why didn't you go through an RFP process? Then you chose a city attorney who is linked with former Huntington Park city attorney Francisco Leal! 

No city should appoint anyone connected to Huntington Park. None.

A better pick would have been Cudahy city attorney Rick Olivarez! Credible and ethical attorney! PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT! Hear me out. I voted for you guys! 

Our last special Maywood City council meeting was excellent! You did something right! Furthermore, Maywood City Councilmember Ricardo Villarreal has failed to return my numerous phone calls! MAJOR MISTAKE!!! He needs to respect the disabled community! 

Respectfully, Sandra Rivera Orozco - Southeast political activist

Mayood, CA City Hall

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Even when your chosen candidate gets elected, you have to keep them accountable.

It is not enough to elect the right people.

We have to ensure that the right people do the right things.

Maywood elected officials need to get it right, end the poor governance and bring transparency, accountability, and integrity to their city.

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