Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Huntington Park Pep Rally

Huntington Park City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman ridiculed the  protesting citizens at the November 17th, 2015 City Council meeting.

Not that he should be making jokes or condescending towards anyone, since he is under investigation from the state bar, according to some reports, and one legal expert has yet to find a record of his California bar license.

His final remarks at the end of the meeting will haunt him for months to come, much like his silence about the status of the livescan for the two illegal aliens:

"With respect to the motion that was  made (to separate public comment, and non-agenda statements moved to the end of the meeting), the council's agenda can be changed, moved into a different order. . .It's not a subsequent need item. . "

Legal minds have already stated otherwise.

"This council has been extremely patient in allowing every speaker to speak. . ."

Even  though the city council threw me and Dr. Newman out of the chambers, and refused to allow another resident, Edmundo Perez, to address the city council.

"Tonight, quite frankly, there were numerous times when the mayor and the council could have ordered other individuals out. . ."

No there weren't. The members of the audience were not disruptive to the meeting or inciting violence.

"And I understand that you are exercising a great deal of caution."

"This is not a pep rally!"

Of course they are. Why? The LA County DA sent them a letter to stop silencing people in the council chambers.

"But the disruption from the audience. . .This is not a pep rally. This is not a high school football game. It is a business meeting."

These remarks were deeply offensive. The city council is treating this public office like a game to benefit their friends and political contacts. The moment that the city council appointed two illegals to city commissions, they lost any maturity credibility before the city and in the eyes of the community. Who wants to frequent a municipality where the individual council members do not respect the rule  of law, where nearly half the residents continue breaking the law just by residing in the city under illegal status?

The whole city council has turned into a joke, and the city residents and protesters have every right to deride and ridicule their bad decisions. They want to pretend that all is well in  "The City of Perfect Balance" when so much corruption and dysfunction lingers beneath the surface, pushing out for more people to see.

In truth, the city council meetings are turning into pep rallies, in which legal residents and US citizens are demanding the rule of law, putting increased pressure and scrutiny on the rogue, lawless city council members -- and they are having a lot of fun in the process.

If the Huntington Park City Attorney does not like the pep rally atmosphere of the recent meetings, then the council must restore the rule law, including the rescission of the two illegal appointments to city commissions. Those four members must stop down from office, as well.

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