Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MA's GOP Governor Charlie Baker, Freedom's Undertaker?

Massachusetts Republican candidate -- now Governor -- Charlie Baker played to the left on every social issue, claiming to be to the left of President Barack Obama.

"He's pro choice!" one of his commercials touted. His own daughter reminded viewers of his "100% pro-choice" stance, too.

He also came out supporting gay marriage before Barack Obama did (Baker in 2010). Oh brother. (Baker's brother identifies as gay).

Most people end up supporting "gay marriage" because a friend, relative, or close acquaintance ends up identifying with homosexual feelings. This stance is neither a principled nor a wise one. Nevertheless, a libertarian, live-and-let-live attitude can prevail. Governors who would focus on governing the public sector, rather than regulating the private lives of individuals, would be more important. How about making it easier for people to form families in the first place.

And yet. . .

The homosexual agenda is not about "live and let live". It has turned into "We get to live as we please, and you must accommodate it, or pay the price."

Who can forget this disturbing photo of a father, hand-cuffed in Commonwealth court proceedings, simply because he "trespassed" on public school property to prevent his son from indoctrination into the LGBT agenda?

David Parker (MassResistance

Dr. Paul Church, a urologist at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center was terminated -- fired! -- from his long standing career because he refused to participate in "gay pride" activities, and even warned his patients of the health risks associated with same-sex contact. The BIDMC staff ridiculed and diminished Dr. Church's free exercise of speech and religion, and then governing staff took his job away.

A Kentucky, USA county clerk faced imprisonment for refusing to comply with the United States Supreme Court's spurious ruling, which redefined marriage across all fifty states, subverting the democratic legislative process, and redefining liberty as a benefit of, rather than restraint from, the state.

In Australia, Catholic Bishop Julian Porteous faces fines and other criminal penalties for printing and distributing a pamphelt defending natural marriage and outlining the dangers of homosexual conduct to self and society. Freedom of speech is no longer free, or faces threats to its full expression.

The homosexual is resorting to tyranny, and its wanton, brazen imposition is spreading across the globe.

In spite of these desperate attacks against individual liberty and natural rights, Governor Baker just appointed a radical lesbian activist to the state appeals court.

 MassResistance writers are already declaring "Told ya so":

 Conservatives are always being told that we must hold our nose and vote for the Republican candidate, no matter how bad he is. We at MassResistance have consistently said that doing that simply gives them a green light to ignore conservatives completely. This should be a “teachable moment” in that regard.

The article continues:

Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker, less than a year into office, has nominated Vickie Henry, an activist lawyer at the infamous radical LGBT legal group Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, to be a judge on the State Appeals Court. You can read Gov. Baker’s letter nominating Vickie Henry.

Ouch! Judges are supposed to be impartial. How is this possible if a jurist has aggressively pushed an agenda, and thrown aside all neutrality on policy issues?

Here's a picture of the newly-appointed jurist presenting LGBT-friendly advice:

It's time for the legal as well as the medical professions to face overt and necessary facts on the homosexuality issue. Men and women are not born gay -- or even straight, for that matter. There is proper and improper sexual conduct.

US Senator Rand Paul, who himself has a notable following among some liberty-minded and libertarian activists who identify as homosexual, declined to attribute rights to behaviors, including same-sex conduct. The Young Turks segment tried to shame Paul's principled stance.

During the first GOP Presidential debate, Paul declared: "I don't want my marriage or my guns registered in Washington." He also filibustered in the US Senate, and defended "the right to be left alone",

With judges like Vicky Henry, will the Bill of Rights have any meaning, or enforcement? What about the family?

Has Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker turned into an undertaker for individual liberty? Massachusetts was the setting for "The Shot Heard Round the World", where little-known and sparsely armed colonial farmers stood up to the encroaching tyranny of the British Empire.

A renewed fight for freedom of conscience, and expression of truth, must begin anew.

Contact Republican Governor Charlie Baker's office, and tell him to support the family, liberty, and stop pushing the bounds of government intervention into Massachusetts residents' lives:

Boston Office
Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor
Room 280
Boston, MA 02133
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm
Phone: 617.725.4005
888.870.7770 (in state)
Fax: 617.727.9725
TTY: 617.727.3666
Springfield Office
Western Massachusetts Office of the Governor
State Office Building
436 Dwight Street, Suite 300
Springfield, MA 01103
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm
Phone: 413.784.1200
Washington, DC
Office of the Governor
444 N. Capitol Street, Suite 208
Washington, D.C. 20001

Phone: 202.624.7713
Fax: 202.624.7714

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