Thursday, December 10, 2015

Augustus Hawkins Pressured Nick the Greek to Become Democrat?

Augustus Hawkins represented Huntington Park for a number of years in Congress. Championed as a long time pioneer and fighter for civil rights, Hawkins was the first African-American politician elected west of the Mississippi.

Nick Ioannidis, aka Nick the Greek came to Huntington Park directly as soon as he immigrated to this country.

August Hawkins (D-Los Angeles)

Within five years, he became an American Citizen.

Nick has faced a number of challenges and hardships, and is under attack from not just rogues in the street, but thugs in the city council. He presented and promoted his love for God and country every year, and invited hundreds to celebrate with him.

When he wanted to celebrate not just his adopted country, but create a public holiday to celebrate all immigrants, Nick's Congressman at the time, Augustus Hawkins, intervened to make it happen.

Then Nick told me another sordid account of Democratic machine chicanery in Huntington Park.

Hawkins later pressured him to become a Democrat, or he would be forced to go back to Greece.


Patriotism should rise about partisanship.

Every Congressman should respect and commemorate legal residents in their communities because they share the same love and respect for this wonderful country.

Conservatives, liberty lovers, and all American patriots in general . . .

Readers need to understand how deep and corrupt the Democratic Party has become in the Los Angeles area.

How could anyone imagine a Congressman pressuring a citizen to switch parties in order to stay in the United States?!

I am still getting information on this matter. If this winds up being a fully credible account -- then more people need to demand action and redress in this city and for Nick the Greek!

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