Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Unsubscribed from Rubio, Too

Kevin Perkins posted on Facebook:

I hated doing it, but it had to be done.
I did it quick, because I couldn't bear the pain of taking it slowly...
Yes, I just unsubscribed from Marco Rubio's email list.
I know, I know, I liked him, too; but something's changed about him. I think he got in with the wrong crowd there in the Senate.
I hope he comes around, but this time around, he's just not my guy...

Viva Ted Cruz.

I had to come to the same place first about Bobby Jindal. He never gained the needed traction, and therefore never raised the money needed to compete nationally and for the long term. Now I can say the same for Marco Rubio.

I have young Hispanic conservative friends. They really like him. They like his story. His upcoming life from a working class family to the US Senate is an inspiring account for all young people, regardless of their initial status or color.

For me, the issue with Rubio is more than his stance on immigration, which seems more like a dance from one side to the other. His lack of leadership goes beyond his primarily legislative record, both in Florida and in the United States.
US Senator Marco Rubio

He does not have core principles on which to act and decide, regardless of the opinions of others. In debate after debate, he seems to lead from behind on policy matters. The moderators practically dictate to him how to answer.

Executives must make bold decisions, for good or for bad. They have to bear out a consistent record, based on character and conviction.

When it comes to Rubio, I just don't see those necessary elements.

Lots of people like the junior senator because he is electable. He is magnetic, or personable, or at least the least offensive Republican Presidential candidate who is Hispanic.

This is the best that Republican voters can look forward to? I disagree.

I had to pull the plug on the Rubio account.

Now -- I want to be clear and on record -- I will vote for Marco Rubio if he is the nominee. He has strong foreign policy credentials. He is pro-life, pro-second amendment. On many issues, he stands to the right, in the right, and has the right to speak.


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