Friday, December 4, 2015

The Homosexual Huntington Park City Council

I never thought it would come to this.

I had hoped to avoid writing about this issue. It is bad enough that the Huntington Park CA City Council endorses utter lawlessness with their appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions. There is no code enforcement in the city, as restaurants continue cooking hot dogs on the streets, and people continue parking their cars wherever they choose, regardless of the red lines on the curbs.

Now the city council has declared war against natural law and Nature's God altogether.

Three  members of the Huntington Park, CA City Council are lesbians: Graciela Ortiz, Marilyn Sanabria, and mayor Karina Macias. (The word is still out on Jhonny Pineda)

They sure do not seem open about it.

During the December First, 2015 city council meeting, Linda Caraballo called them out (or is the term "outed" them?). Sanabria tried twice to silence her comments, and Macias alleged slander. Caraballo interrupted them, pointing out that she was simply making a comment.

Caraballo was not slandering the three women on the city council. Other residents have informed me about their behavior. The fact is - their personal choices are their own -- how they choose to live in their bedrooms is up to them. The other side of liberty, however, rests on the consequences.

Still, one has to wonder: what do "gay marriage", the Big Green Agenda, and the Open Borders lobby all have in common?

These agendas are all concentrated attacks on natural law, the rule of law, authority and respect. There can be no liberty, no love, no honor with recognition of the truth, and the limits which the truth defines.

This communistic influence permeates domestic policy throughout California citizens. These measures, these agendas are attacks on individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional rule. If anyone doubts these connections, just compare the manifesto of the American Communist Party and the Democratic Party. Everything from the destruction of marriage, to the seizure of private property, the redistribution of wealth. all of it speaks to force as opposed to liberty, pushed ahead by communist instigators.

This assault on the truth, justice, and the American Way must be stopped.

The city councilmembers who engage in same-sex conduct felt ashamed and uncomfortable about their lifestyle choices. Such feelings are inevitable, because same-sex conduct hurts one's body and hurts society as a whole.

Now more than ever, people need to be set free. Free to speak, to think, and to live! In Huntington Park, CA - we are fighting for these natural rights.

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