Saturday, December 19, 2015

Is Jhonny Pineda Worthy $1200 a month?

In the December 1st, 2015  Huntington Park, CA City Council meeting, Councilmember Pineda tried to strip his colleague Valentin Amezquita of his salary and stipend as an elected official in the city of Huntington Park.

I submitted a public records request to find out what the city council members earn in their city. Deputy City Clerk Jessie Gomez send the following link:

As of January 1, 2006 the latest estimate of population of the City by the State Department of Finance is 64,607 therefore; the Council shall receive a salary of $1,228.65 per month.

That's certainly more than the Torrance City Council.

Now, I do not oppose compensating our city council and other elected officials. Many working class individuals who want to run for office often don't because they cannot afford the demands on their time and the huge cut in pay.

People need to be paid something for their service.

The bigger question remains: Is Councilman Jhonny Pineda worthy $1,200 a month?

He has repeatedly violated the law, first as a candidate, and now as an elected official. He voted on contracts and appointments for friends and political acquaintances.

He has violated his oath of office numerous times, in his consistent attempt to stifle freedom of speech in city council chambers. He refuses to uphold the rule of law, appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions.

Jhonny Pineda

At the last meeting (12-15-2105), he was wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, too. That is grounds alone for stripping his stipend, especially when he claimed to Sandra Orozco that he is "a good Christian."

Councilman Valentin Amezquita addressed his colleagues, explaining why he missed three (and a half) city council meetings, which included city business as well as the sudden death of his nephew-in-law. He later informed his colleagues that he would gladly give up his own salary, if the rest of the council would do the same. "We are here to do the people's business. I was elected to serve the 99$%, not the 1%."

While Amezquita explained his -- justified -- absences, the entire audience stood to honor his comments and his commitment to his city, the rule of law, and our American culture of individual liberty, limited govenrment, and constitutional rule.

Indeed, compared to the efforts and investments of this one honest councilman, Jhonny Pineda and the other three rogues on the Huntington Party City Council are not worthy $1,200 at all.

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