Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pep Rally Success In Huntington Park

The December First, 2015 Huntington Park, CA City Council meeting was a real success.

We the People Rising confronted one of the illegal aliens, Julian Zatarain, and he ran away from us rather than answering our questions. He should become a legal resident first before doing anything in the city.

Deanne D'Lean is seated here with her photo demanding law and order, rules and justice:

While some of our numbers were missing from the December First meeting, we exerted considerable pressure notwithstanding:

Jhonny Pineda, the illiberal Democratic operative who appointed the two illegals, looked as uncomfortable as ever. He was wringing his hands for the greater part of public comment, and could not wait for the evening to end:
Jhonny wants to run!

The city attorney, Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, mocked our comments as a "Pep rally" or something out of a "high school football game".

We gladly obliged:
We the People Pep Rally!
The Huntington Park City Council is hitting its limit. We blasted the city attorney at the end of the meeting, as well, infuriated by his disrespectful comments. He tried to wish us a good day, then ran off, with "We've got another runner!" following after him.

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