Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mayor Karina Macias' "Open" Office Hours

Huntington Park Mayor Karina Macias tripped into more than she bargained for, agreeing with her crony colleague to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions, after they fired all the other qualified appointees from the previous administration.

We the People Rising have continued protesting and berating the city council for these rogue decisions. In the past two meetings, Macias has called for a recess during our public comment portion. She had agreed with councilmember Pineda to move all non-agenda comments to the end of the meeting, convinced that we would give  up and go home.

Instead, more concerned citizens are staying for the entire meeting, vocally opposing their illegal actions.

Now that the year has ended, I wanted to know if the Mayor also conducts open office hours.

Her Facebook site indicates that she does:

Just to be sure, I looked closer at this post:
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Notice her terrible grammar.

On Friday, I contacted the Huntington Park city clerk's office. Donna Schwartz informed me that she did not know the office hours for the councilmembers.

I had to email a public records request next, since I did not receive a timely answer:

Good afternoon, Huntington Park City Council:

I contacted City Clerk Donna Schwartz earlier this morning, and did not yet receive an answer.

When do the Huntington Park city council members have open office hours?

Is this information listed on the Huntington Park, CA Website?

Thank you.

Schwartz finally responded to my request:

Hello Mr. Schaper,

In response to your question regarding Councils schedule City Council Members meet with members of the public by appointment only. Your request and information has been forwarded to Council.

I then informed the clerk that Mayor Macias advertises open hours during the last two Tuesdays of every month.

So, the same mayor who wanted to create an inclusive, open society refuses to hold readily determined office hours for constituents in the community, yet she postsed on her Facebook page her "open" office hours.

What's going on?

Contact Mayor Macias, and ask her to put citizens and her city first. Stop misleading the public, start obeying the law, rescind the illegal appointments of the two illegal aliens to city commissions, and resign from office!

City Council
Title: Mayor
Phone: 323-584-6221

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