Friday, December 18, 2015

Beach Reporter Letters Expose Ignorance of Rights

While reading over the “Letter to the Editor” section last week, I found two responses which contained clearly erroneous interpretations of our nation’s founding charter: the United States Constitution.

First of all, there is no amendment which declares “There shall be a separation of church and state.” None at all. The First Amendment does prohibit the federal and state governments from establishing an officially recognized religion. The First Amendment never intended to displace reverence for the Divine in our daily, public lives. A cursory reading over another fundamental American document, the Declaration of Independence will reveal well-placed references to “the laws of nature and Nature’s God” then “their Creator”, and also “The Supreme Judge” ending with “Divine Providence”. The First Amendment affirms freedom of, not freedom from, religion.

The second letter took aim at the Second Amendment, as though the phrase “well-regulated” champions gun control. The spirit and language of the Second Amendment enshrined individual protection from government tyranny. Let us never forget that “A shot heard round the world” initiated the Revolution of farmers with pitchforks against a rogue Empire set on reducing the rights of man. Beyond the Constitutional merits, prevalent statistics and history affirm that expansion of concealed-carry as well as enforcement – not more regulations – will diminish gun violence in our communities.

Based on those two flagrant, unsound misunderstandings of the first two amendments in our Bill of Rights, I understand where so many affronts to our civil liberties have passed unnoticed under the current Presidential administration.

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