Monday, December 14, 2015

Congressman Lieu's Mixed Priorities

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance, Los Angeles) hosted a TELE townhall this past week.

Judging from his latest eblast, however, it seems that his priorities were already determined long before.

Dear Friends:

It is a great honor to serve as your voice in the United States House of Representatives. Here are some of my priorities, but I would also like to hear from you:   

Granted, Lieu provided an online survey for constituents to share their thoughts. The questions touched on entitlements, gun control, climate change, and national security: data collection, refugees, etc.

Nothing on protecting life or family, nothing on expanding liberty while diminishing the influence of the state. Nothing substantive on immigration.

Here are Congressman Lieu's current priorities:   
Protecting Retirement Security. As a Member of the House Budget Committee, I will continue to fight to preserve our nation's commitment to our seniors. I oppose any effort to privatize Social Security or cut Medicare. I am proud to co-sponsor the Social Security 2100 Act, landmark legislation designed to strengthen benefits for Social Security beneficiaries while keeping the program strong.    

How will Lieu pay for them, or ensure that the money stolen from these accounts will be repaid? Does the Congressman think that more people should be living on funds from the government? Means testing, reducing waste and fraud, and repealing Obamacare for free market solutions would reduce costs and expand access to quality health care.
Combating Climate Change. With a severe drought facing California and more extreme weather events happening across the country, the devastating effects of Climate Change are happening now. That's why I've introduced the Climate Solutions Act of 2015, a plan to cut carbon pollution and supercharge our economy by investing in green energy industries.  
I am offended that my Congressman wants to build green castles in the air and chase greenhouse rainbows in the sky. Climate change happens every four years: seasons. Alarmists have warned Americans to fear global cooling as well as warning trends. The California drought would not be so severe if California's lawmakers and leaders had prepared a sound, solid infrastructure to preserve water for tough times such as this year. Arizona's more arid climate did not prevent forward-thinking lawmakers from storing acres of water in times of desperation. California's statewide thirst is a manmade problem, due to poor planning and environmentalist loyalties at the expense of the people.
Does Congressman Lieu read the daily news? Has he not heard about the data smearing and fraud rampant among government-financed climatologists, all paid to preach that the world will end unless every human being returns to a hunter-gather existence? This climate alarmism is a heated fraud, and more people should demand better leadership and representation from their elected officials.


Investing In America's Heroes. As a Veteran, I believe that Americans who have served our country should not have to fight for a job, a home or healthcare when their duty is done. I'm working closely with Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald and local officials to end Veterans' homelessness in Los Angeles County and improve services at West Los Angeles VA.         

I think that our veterans deserve better care than they are receiving right now from the federal government. The Veterans Administration has repeatedly failed our wounded warriors. Secret wait lists,  mismanaged care, rationing all plague the promise of life-time treatment for our armed men and women.

How about providing vouchers and funding, so that retired military can go to any hospital they choose? Congressman Ted Lieu needs to move fast and ensure that the Brentwood site is open to veterans, and veterans only.

Final Reflection

On November 19th, I joined with members of the Activist Group We the People Rising and petitioned Congressman Lieu to investigate why Immigration and Customs Enforcement has done nothing about the two illegal aliens appointed to two city commissions in Huntington Park, CA. The Congressman has not responded to my inquiries for an investigation into these federal agencies at all.

The border is as insecure as ever. Terrorism is becoming too common place, especially following the bloody San Bernardino massacre. Instead of pushing gun control, which will never keep the firearms out of the hands of miscreants, Congressman Lieu should support expansion of individual liberties, including the Second Amendment.

Freedom of speech, religion, and the press are facing unprecedented assaults from marginal interest groups imposing a narrow agenda. Freedom must be free to all, including the right to disagree and refrain from participating in activities which violate one's conscience.

When will Congressman Lieu make Life, Liberty, and the Individual Pursuit of Happiness a Priority? 

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