Friday, December 4, 2015

Huntington Park, Ground Zero for Big Homo

Huntington Park, CA City Council wanted to embrace the dubious distinction as the first city to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions. Apparently, the city was also the locale for the first public "Gay Marriage" in the United States,  too.

The Los Angeles Wave reports:

HUNTINGTON PARK — Following the recent Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, Mayor Karina Macias checked into her city’s history and found that Huntington Park has been part of the gay rights movement since 1968.

During the December First, 2015 city council members, former councilmember Linda Caraballo exposed to the public the fact that councilmembers Graciela Ortiz, Karina Macias, and Marilyn Sanabria are lesbians. There is no evidence yet that Jhonny Pineda is a practicing homosexual, but certainly state senator Ricardo Lara flaunts his homosexual lifestyle, and he is one of the elected machine politicians who wants to dominate the city as well as the region.

That’s why, at her request, the City Council July 6 honored [From 0: 20: 00 to 0: 30: 30] the Rev. Troy Deroy Perry Jr., founder of the Metropolitan Community Church, a Christian congregation based in Hollywood, with a special affirming ministry with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.

This is ridiculous. The Bible specifically calls same-sex conduct a form of death. The New Covenant grants us life and freedom. This conference in Utah showcased experts in religious, psychology, biology, and people of diverse backgrounds spoke the truth exposing homosexuality and the social, political, and economic forces pushing this agenda. None of them are good, none of them support individual liberty, limited government, or respect for natural rights,

He received a certificate of recognition for promoting LGBT acceptance and equality in Huntington Park and beyond.

“I conducted my first service Oct. 6, 1968 in a rented house at 6205 Miles Ave., just down the street,” Perry told the council, adding “in December 1968, I married two young men from Mexico in a gay marriage ceremony.”

So, Huntington Park was Ground Zero for Big Homo, the site of the first "gay marriage" in the United States. Another dubious distinction for which the city should not be proud.

Perry, now 74, was born in Tallahassee, Florida and served in the military. He received religious training at the Moody Bible Institute.

Moody Bible Institute is exactly that -- a Bible institute. No person can act as an ordained minister and preach homosexuality. It is wrong  it is simply not God's best for anyone. This issue rests on biology, not bigotry.

"Reverend" Troy Deroy (LA Wave Newspaper)

Perry told The Wave he is now retired as a bishop of the church but continues to preach internationally at the church’s affiliates in 38 countries.

He has written books such as “The Lord Is My Shepherd and He Knows I’m Gay,” and “Profiles in Gay and Lesbian Courage.”

There is no courage in Huntington Park. The three women on the city council identify as lesbians, and yet they are ashamed of this identity. They should be, only because it breeds shame and is a result of condemnation. Let us hope that more people can learn that proper relations belong to one man and one woman in marriage, and nothing else.

Citing the June 26 Supreme Court decision, Macias said, “it was long overdue and will make for a more open society.”

No it will not. Same-sex "marriage" is another symptom of a society which has given up on family as the necessary determinant for a safe and secure world. Without families, there is no community. Without community, there is nothing bu anarchy.

“It’s a great honor to have Rev. Troy Perry in Huntington Park. As an ally of the LGBT community, I think it is important to highlight the history of local individuals who have taken a stand for equality,” Macias added. “This recognition for Rev. Perry’s leadership is long overdue. We want him and the community to know that his historic stand for marriage equality in the city of Huntington Park is appreciated and celebrated.”

No it is not. Rather, more residents are exposing this unjust practice. Every child needs and deserves a Mom and a Dad. Two men and two women cannot provide the proper nurturing and training for a child. Strong families come from strong marriages, one man and one woman. More conservatives, more Americans must stand up for this truth, especially in Huntington Park.

Perry, who gave the invocation at the council meeting, prayed for continued knowledge and tolerance on the issue, noting that there was a large gay community in Huntington Park in the 1960s.

More audience members keep asking the city council: "What god are you praying to?" Whatever deity they claim to worship, he is not the same loving God who created man to have life, and that more abundantly. Open borders with  no regard for the rule of law, lax enforcement, open embrace of homosexuality -- these choices diminish life, love, and respect. The people of Huntington Park have lost their vision, and more people are perishing as a result.

Huntington Park, CA (DavidofCali)

He was accompanied to the meeting by Phillip, his partner of 30 years.

This is a lie. More of us have to have the courage to say this.

One of those welcoming Perry was Eddie Martinez, a founding advisory board member of Latino Equality Alliance and a lifelong resident of Huntington Park.

Final Reflection

What is the common thread tying all of these distortions, perversions, and dysfunctions? Ignorance and neglect of the truth, the breakdown of law and order, the triumph of feelings over facts -- all of this ties to a pernicious agenda which seeks equality as the final determinant. What kind of a world do we want to live in, a future with "a boot in your face forever"?

This is very much a communistic impulse, and more people are standing up for something better: freedom, opportunity, and life.

Over the past six months, Huntington Park has made history of a different and better kind. In this Southeastern Los Angeles community, more Americans, patriots, and conservatives all around are fighting back. We have cried out the Shout Heard Round the World Wide Web - and the World -- to say "Enough!"

It's time for Huntington Park to become Ground Zero for a New Restoration of Truth and Liberty!

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